Looking For A Reset Button? Try This.

image of a reset button

Sometimes Life can throw us off of our groove.

It could be that we are flooded with busy-ness, like when there’s four family gatherings to attend over the two-day holidays.

Other times we are focused on a culminating event, such as a graduation party or the selling of a house.

Maybe there’s no event occurring and we just feel slightly stagnant, restless in where we are while not yet pulled in the direction of Out. This could take the form of something big like a career, relationship, or vacation. Or, it could be something seemingly small like boredom with cooking, nothing of interest to read, or apathy at getting off the couch.

We just want to get back to Normal (or find a new one), and could use a Reset button.

Great news! We already have one.
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How Much Happiness Can You Stand To Have?

I don't want a perfect life, I want a happy life.

I was recently listening in the car to a discussion on happiness by Dr. Robert Holden, as I was driving across the state. Because as happy as I am, I’m always interested in Leveling Up.

An interesting exercise he shared was to complete this sentence: “One way I’m making myself unhappy is __________.”

What was your initial response when you read that?  I was rocked by my own discovery.

One way I’m currently making myself unhappy is by pushing to get through some upcoming days, so that then I can relax and enjoy my time.

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Two Opinions, One Word, Zero Listening.

drawing of two striped people talking, one is vertical and one is horizontal. Thier combined speech balloon is just a jumbled mess of busy nothing.

Have you ever been in a conversation where you each have a differing opinion? Of course you have, that’s a large reason for conversation! And while you know that you’re having a civil, perhaps even pleasant, discussion, you increasingly feel that you’re getting further and further apart? Despite the fact that you’re really listening to each other?

It’s because really, you’re not.

“Allowing each other to talk” is not the same as “listening.”

There’s a pattern of discussion that we believe fosters listening, when in reality it sneakily hinders it.

Fortunately, there’s a trigger word that lets us know when we’re in it.
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Go, You!

I used to want to be liked. And I learned that pleasing others is exhausting.

Next I hoped to be accepted. And I learned that approval is insidious.

Then I desired to be understood. And I learned discernment is both a gift and a choice.

Now I validate myself. And I learn that authenticity is sacred.

If you have ever felt alienated when you are fully being you, remember this:
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