23 Mobile Things

23 Mobile Things23 Mobile Things is a self-directed online learning module of mobile apps that I’m exploring.  At the same time, I’m using it to play with pages in WordPress instead of adding blog posts for each one of the 23 Things.  See?!?  I’m learning already!

(Update: I have since removed these pages.)

Please visit my so-named page to learn more about this program and the apps. Feel free to explore along with me–comment about how a particular app rocks your world, either professionally or personally.  (Isn’t it interesting how technology blurs those lines?)

Or, comment why you don’t use it because you use something even more awesome that people should know about!

I’m hoping to apply discernment.  My collection of apps keeps growing, like an added appendage. Too many, and it’s time for an appendectomy.  In the end, I’d like to use what’s appropriate and applicable.  I think that’s pretty apparent. And as Phil Robertson has appointed, that would then make me ‘Appy ‘Appy ‘Appy.