A Cloak of Awesomeness

When I’m overwhelmed, stressed, and threatened, I put on my Cloak of Awesomeness and flow through.  In it I stand taller, smile wider, and am able to continue moving forward.

Surrounded by an epidemic of apathy? Infiltrated by crabby colleagues? Attacked by social honey badgers? Bathed in my Cloak of Awesomeness I sail through situations unscathed, the malefaction repelled and my positive nature protected.

Everyone has one, this Cloak of Awesomeness. And no matter what you might think, it does not live in the back of your closet, hidden by that favorite shirt from seventeen years ago that you no longer wear but can’t bear to let go of. (PS, it’s not actually the shirt that we are really hanging on to here….)

Your Cloak of Awesomeness is always at the front of your closet, the top of your drawer. It is always the right color, it is always the perfect fit.  It goes with everything.  And, you look amazing in it.

If you’re anything like me, you just have to remember that you have it.  And then, just put it on.

The beautiful thing is, once you realize that you have a Cloak of Awesomeness, you are immediately already wearing it.  Even if you thought that you left the house without it.

But it never hurts to put it on again when needed….

Arwen's Cloak
Arwen’s Cloak
Connor's Cloak
Connor’s Cloak
Jedi Cloaks
Jedi Master Cloaks
LEGO Hobbit Cloaks
LEGO Hobbit Cloaks
Picture of Harry Potter in his invisibility cloak
Harry Potter’s Cloak. You don’t have to hide, though.

Where in your life will your own Cloak of Awesomeness benefit you?

3 Replies to “A Cloak of Awesomeness”

    1. Thank you! The awesomeness abounds! When I mentally put it on, whatever is pressing at me simply can’t get through. It’s like “talk to the Cloak!” 🙂

      By the way, you are radiant in yours! Nicely done!

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