Full Double Sun Rings

A breathtaking sight on a cold, clear morning.  Witnessing this natural event was a first for me, and I was in awe.

Music by Enya, “And Winter Came.”


2 Replies to “Full Double Sun Rings”

  1. Thank you for your comment, my husband and I watched this sun come up as we were driving. (Good thing he was behind the wheel, I was overwhelmed by what we were seeing!)

    The process evolved through sun dogs, double sun dogs, a full ring with double sun dogs, and then this! The second set of sun dogs began to fade and the second ring had not quite fully risen over the horizon, but we also realized we were witnessing its retreat. We pulled over, and it was too encompassing to fit in the viewfinder.

    Oh, man, what I could have captured if I had your photography skills, Wendy!

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