Life and Career Coaching

Do you feel stuck? Are you happily living your success, and yet you feel a desire for something deeper gently beckoning you? You are not tossing aside everything you have achieved, and yes — there is another level here waiting for you!

Expand through your success and embrace the exuberance of deep fulfillment, as you once again reach for your dreams. This time it will not be exhausting, because this time you will achieve differently.  This way is of ease and joy, a glide across the chasm from where you are to what is waiting for you. And what is waiting, is more rewarding than you have imagined. Through a proven process that changed my own life, I will help you get there.

Coaching Packages

Package 1–The Basic Glide

Three weekly, thirty-minute virtual coaching sessions where you will learn and apply the three-step Glide Process to a specific area of your life. Via phone, Google Hangout, or Skype. $225

Package 2–The Comprehensive Glide

Five coaching sessions. In addition to the above, we also explore how you arrived where you are at as well as prime you for a self-sustaining afterward.  $375

Package 3–The Expansive Glide

A deeper dive for a long-term transformation. Eight sessions in which you receive all of the above, on a more comprehensive level of mastery.  $595

Individual Sessions As Desired  

Thirty minute standalone sessions specific to you, as desired.  $95

Wanna Get Your Glide On? Want More Info First?

Contact me at to work with me. Or, to first visit with me risk-free for more information. Together we will discover which coaching package  will best help you meet your goal and desire.

For every coaching package purchased, a donation is made directly to our local Animal Shelter.

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