You Are Worth This.

Hold Out–Kate Northrup

Getting sidetracked by tasks today was an unexpected gift.

I found buried treasure in my email.  And it’s so great,  I must share it.

This is for anyone who has ever desired anything. This is for those who have made their requests, as well as for those who have not spoken.

And, this is for anyone who has ever been told they ask for too much. 

For the original formatted version, written by Kate Northrup, please go to her site right now at  It’s beautiful.

You are worth this.

And no, you are not asking for too much.

Hold out.

3 Replies to “You Are Worth This.”

  1. Oh, my dear, dear friend, you cannot know how much I needed these words today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing them in your beautiful courageous way.

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