Gina Drellack

Hello! I’m Gina Drellack. I’m a writer, coach, teacher, and speaker. My formal background is Education, Writing, and Educational Media & Technology.  My informal background is Earth School, and I am mindful that creating a life is different than making a living.  We each make a difference, right where we are.

I’ve  discovered how to leverage my intellectual nature into becoming a successful, bold dreamer–and am amazed at how my life has opened up!

I already know how to work hard and achieve. Having struggled my way from single mom on welfare to attaining two degrees and the job of my dreams, I also added in a healthy marriage. After ten years of successfully living my beautiful dream of family and career, I realized that I was ready for more, again. And for the first time, I seriously paused. Because I was exhausted just thinking about what it took out of me last time to go after what I wanted.

Then I discovered that I could dream a new horizon for myself, but with a different approach this time. Instead of striving to attain, I relaxed and allowed – with unprecedented results! I gently glided across the chasm between my dreams, and once again transformed my life. This time, with ease and joy.

Like many people, I had believed that an intellectual, linear approach is what directs results – and that a dreamer approach is fuzzy and might not even get me there at all. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I know, because I have lived the phenomenal success of gliding to my new dream. And now I wouldn’t approach life any other way. As an intellectual, I wouldn’t have thought so. Yet as a dreamer, I believe in the possibility.

In addition to coaching others toward their own life’s glide, I am also a K-12 education consultant for the northwest region of Minnesota. I create and deliver trainings and motivation on a wide variety of educational topics, both in-person and online.

Combining my writing and speaking practices with my life-changing experiences,  I share to teach and empower others.

I write about books, intuitive wisdom, and other everyday holy wonders here. I embrace the truth that community comes in various forms.  I welcome contact at gina@ginadrellack.com as well as @GinaDrellack on Twitter and GinaDrellack on Facebook.

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    • Oh, thank you so much–blessings abundantly received! Although I no longer participate in these wonderful awards, I am incredibly honored by your nomination. I very much look forward to exploring all the blogs you chose for this!! ❤


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