Random AoK



Photo by Robert Baker on Unsplash

Just for today

perform a random act of kindness.


And the thing about random acts of kindness

is that they must be…well, random.

Oh, and the one that you gift a kindness to

is a whole other person than the one to return a kindness back atcha.

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Let That $#!% Go


Just for today

Consider that holding anger is like holding a hot coal

And not throwing it.


So if you’re carrying thoughts about getting even, or withdrawing

or of having been wronged

or are feeling a little bit like a martyr (surprise!),

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Observing Our Thoughts


Just for today,

Be aware of your thoughts.


Thoughts will come in — and when they do, ask each one

Who sent this?

For what purpose?


What accent is it speaking in?


And ask yourself

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Journey to the Center of Your Soul


Just for today

Consider your breath.


Be aware of the inbreath,

Be aware of the outbreath.

But most of all, notice the space between the two.


There’s a whole Divine universe welcoming your return, there in those spaces.

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What’s Bugging You for Attention?


As spring gets closer and the weather turns warmer, we’ve had a lot of ladybugs in the house. I mean, a lot.

It kind of happens every year, but for some reason this go-round feels extra-early. And extra-abundant.

As I made my umpteenth trip to the window to grab and release yet another colorful,spotted, miniature tank with legs, it suddenly struck me:

What’s the animal totem message brought by ladybugs? Because holy crap, someone’s trying to get me to notice something, big-time.

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