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Present moment living

I recently was reminded by life that I am on a continual journey of surrender. I guess sometimes the hits just keep on coming, right?

Clearly my desire to have it all sorted, to be responsible for, to be… in control of (Aha!) situations and events that happen to me and to my loved ones, doesn’t mean that that’s the outcome. Because Life Happens Anyway. To ourselves, and to our loved ones.

What if all the things we do to garner a sense of control are not actually the answer? What if it’s not actually about getting on top of it all, having everything all lined up, whipping it into shape? What if it’s not discipline, but surrender?

And now this.

This actually applies to all of it, the good and the less-than awesome. It’s about the navigation, not the arrival at a destination.

The invite for the celebration? And now this. That challenging conversation? And now this. Hospitalization? And now this. The salary raise? And now this. That fender-bender? And now this. Bonus free time? And now this. Can’t get unstuck? And now this.

The light, the dark — no difference.

Instead of attempting to work so hard to welcome joyousness and avoid devastations, what if I just did my best along the way and embraced what comes? Knowing that we are all guided, loved, and protected, no matter what?

I don’t pretend to know the answer. I just know there’s more here for me than the way that I have been doing it.

And now God is rolling up Her sleeves with me, smiling that I just might be finally ready?

Dad, I told you. If God’s not included, I just get bored.

Little girl in line at Kohl’s (via Tosha Silver)

Little Free Library is up and running!

Coming through the Grand Rapids, MN area? Find it on the map!

I am SO excited to share that another dream of mine is now reality! I’ve been collecting books for an eventual Little Free Library for years, and we’ve got one up and running!

My husband and I are now the permanent, live-in caregivers for the family lake place of the past 40-plus years. Planting this community offering here, sharing my joy now, makes my heart so happy.

There is no better place or time to make a dream come true than here and now.

What’s a wish of yours?

What holds you back from acting on it?

It may not actually be time, yet. But then again, it could be.

You get to decide.

You may be right

The other day I had a huge chuckle — that then shapeshifted into a really good Aha awareness!

Okay, you are likely familiar with the idea of, “Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?” Me, too. And it’s a good one to spend some time sitting with. Then, I read Pam Grout’s blog post that referenced a book title called “Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?” Ha ha haaa, I got a kick out of that one. Yes, there is wisdom in there as well. And we could find any number of words that, to an individual, describe happy relationship. Would you rather be right, or would you rather be in a healthy relationship? Be employed? Have friends?

All chuckling aside, this was a remimder for me to practice the art of being agreeable. And suddenly, in my intentional interactions of releasing righteousness (including the ones kept just in my head), THIS happened:

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nunya biz, next level

Are you familiar with the phrase about how what others think of you is none of your business? Yeah, me too.

I have actually gotten to a place where I am able to now catch myself in the moment with this. I recognize me when I’m in my desire to know what this person in front of me is thinking of me. Me, me, me. And I smile at myself for being human, then remember to let that sh*t go. The me melts back into the we.


Do you sometimes find yourself already aware of what the other person thinks of you? And it’s, well, less than awesome? Yeah, me too.

And I find myself invested in correcting their perception of me, being understood, and achieving like-mindedness.

And then, I recently learned this:

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Turning my task list into a playground

Photo by HY AAN on Pexels.com

I’m really good at seeing what needs to be done, and taking it on. I’ve got to create that presentatiom for work. Ooo, meals for this week and grocery shopping. Return that client phone call. The dog needs a bath, sooner than later. We need the contact info for the HVAC company, where is that folder of contractors? My book ideas are coming hard and fast, I gotta make some notes. The grass needs mowing. What’s in this week’s farm box? Laundry could happen pretty soon.

And then, my to-do list is greater I can successfully manage. The balance I did have, I’ve lost. I am once again overwhelmed.

Now, I’ve learned some strategies that have helped me in the past. Maybe you are familiar with some of these:

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