_____, _____, and a whole lot of _____!


Try this.

Describe yourself using this template: “I am _____, _____, and a whole lot of _____!”

Maybe today it looks like “Feisty, sassy, and a whole lot of spunk!” Could be it’s “Calm, focused, and a whole lot of introspection!”

Use it to change your mood, your attitude, and your state of mind.

How does “Centered, peaceful, and a whole lot of flow!” feel? Or perhaps “Energy, expansion, and a whole lot of giving!” Or even “Lit up, receiving, and a whole lot of sparkles!”

Reflect how you feel right now. Or create what you desire to become. Or both.

No one is judging you. Actually, no one is paying attention anyway. This is between you and You.

You’re smiling. I can feel it.

Now go let that out.

In this moment I am fireworks, sunflowers, and a whole lot of summer. What are you?

My Own Oblivion


Something happened the other day that I’m still processing.

Sitting in the car in the parking lot of the store, my husband and I sat scrolling through our phone pictures. We were looking for the image of the part that we needed from thisĀ  store. The longer we sat there, the more this interesting event unfolded:

I noticed a car that was parked ahead and down the lane from us, and watched as Read More

Dancing with Your Own Stars

Painted on the alley side of a brick building: No standing dancing only.

We get to choose how we move through life. Sometimes we forget that. And then we drive by buildings in small towns on roads less personally traveled, and see Divine reminders painted on them. (I refuse to believe that I’m the only one that happens to…)

Today I dance. Read More

How Pop Culture Can Help You Practice Creating the Reality You Want

yanny laurel

You may have heard of the Laurel/Yanny pop-cultural debate phenom that peaked some time ago. One recording, two names: which do you hear?

Apparently this had been big, important news. But when asked about it fairly recently, I had zero idea what my friend was talking about. So as she gushed about the huge national voting attention this had received, as well as about my living under a rock, I Googled the thing and pushed Play.

'He thinks he's so cool, ever since he got that new tablet!'

I was floored by such a global example of how we have all the power we need to create our own lives. Read More

Satisfying My Inner Betty White

Betty White winking

For the last few days I’ve been pulling a Betty White in my head. (Although maybe those around me would comment that it’s not actually as private as I believe…)

Read More

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