Why the physical body doesn’t actually hinder the spiritual one

Outline of a person, body, in space, streaming light

You’ve heard before that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. “I think/reflect, therefore I am.” Within this Cartesian split, I reflect that I am turned more toward what I think of as the higher, spiritual realms than what I have thought of as the denser, physical body.

As if the whole purpose of (hopefully a very long) Life is to overcome this temporary body stint and discover the way back to the Spirit, the Soul, that we Are. As if physical Life is a Divine puzzle to solve that we get to fully experience in order to find our way back to understanding our spiritual natures, leveled up.

I tend to consider my body as a condensed container-vehicle for my vast spirit, and I am aware that although immensely appreciative of the body I do place much more value on my spirit.

But what if I am missing the point? What if the physical self is not actually a distraction from my spiritual Self? What if fully immersing in the body, rather than overcoming it, is actually the path to becoming? The point, actually the way of spiritual leveling-up? Read More

Mindfulness in the waiting room

skeleton in waiting room

Mindfulness is about being fully aware in the present moment. Sometimes we set aside time for this — attend a session, create quiet time, go for a walk.

Other times it happens regardless of our lives happening around us — noticing our breathing while loading the clothes washer, looking into our dog’s eyes as we rub under her ears, stopping in our tracks to witness an especially spectacular sunrise.

The more aware of becoming aware, we begin to react less and respond more.

Simply noticing our thoughts and allowing them just as they are, with no attachment to them and nothing to fix.

Being a peaceful observer. Of our own minds.

And oh, do we get plenty of chances to practice. Whether we set aside time for them or not.

The other day I was reading while waiting for my car’s oil change. A very lovely woman of my same generation was also in the waiting area, catching up on her extensive video social media. At. Full. Volume.

The book I was reading? It was about mindfulness. Oh, the irony. Read More

A modern fable to ponder

little rascal pondering

I recently read this modern fable, and I’m still pondering it.

Upstream/Downstream: A Fable for Our Times

It was many years ago that villagers in Downstream recall spotting the first body in the river. Some old-timers remember how Spartan were the facilities and procedures for managing that sort of thing. Sometimes, they say, it would take hours to pull 10 people from the river and even then only a few would survive.

Read More

The art of balance


In the spirit of our creative endeavors meshing with our life situations, consider prioritizing. How do we balance the two?

Mesh [mesh]; synonyms: combine, connect, coordinate, dovetail, harmonize, engage, interlock, muddle, snare, tangle, twist . . .

yikes Read More

On balance

rock pile balance that looks like a person

We all have personal interests. They are our creative outlets, our down time, a way that we re-balance.

Some of these are easily identifiable: writing, painting, playing an instrument, throwing pottery… We name these “Arts.”

Others are less obvious: cooking, puzzles, reading, gaming… We label these “Hobbies.”

What we call them doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we have a healthy balance between them and the rest of our lives. Read More

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