Out, Out Darned Spot

Lady MacBeth Hand Soap

I’ve been walking by these two products at a local home improvement store for the past couple weeks, and I can NOT stop chuckling: Read More

On Wanting More…


Sometimes I become confused with being happy where I am versus desiring more.  It’s easy to think that being spiritual means we simply accept our circumstances. We do, but I now understand that acceptance is of awareness, grace, and growth — not of stagnation.

When my children were very small, my kitchen lighting was so dark that I cooked with a flashlight in my teeth in order to be able to see inside the pot. It was only during the dark months of the year (which in northern Minnesota are about 9)… Read More

Be Who You Are


Just for today

take up space.


Be who you are

leave your mark on the world

and leave a seed trail

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Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

Just for today

remember to shine your light.


My natural optimism

is your happy horse crap.

To each our own.

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Hand holding an origami bird, leading to a trail of actual birds against a blue sky

Just for today

open yourself to possibility.


As you move through your day, be aware of your thoughts.

Keep a quiet mind.

Notice the signs


and serendipities.

And remember to appreciate them

and to say Thank You

when they enter your day.


And if any difficulty, hardship, or challenge visits you

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