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Small joys, chosen

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Happiness isn’t a reward, an endpoint that has been earned. Happiness is a way of being, a chosen path.

Honestly, lately this is something I’ve kind of forgotten.

And so, I am making a choice to bring in more happiness. Here’s a simple practice that I am adopting, to celebrate the small joys:

Make three mindful tweaks in your daily routine, for happiness.

Here are my (current) three:

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You are enough

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Give thanks.

It is by doing these three simple things that you are loving the world.

That you are giving a gift to the world.

The gift that is you, already.

That began with your very first breath.

Inspired by Sarah Blondin

How might you nurture your being, today?

In what ways might you allow yourself to receive?

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Growling in my New Year

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The calendar turning over into a new year is a natural time for reflection. Here’s what I want to carry forward, with a roar:


I am sincerely grateful for the blessings of this past year. It may feel like I have to look pretty hard sometimes, but they are always there.

And, I am thankful for the blessings and goodness that are on their way.


May I be responsive rather than reactive to situations and circumstances.

I remember that it’s really about myself in relation to the external circumstances, and not the situations themselves. May I continually learn more about myself, and apply that as a force for good.


More attention on the people involved will automatically assist the process. Do I want the approach to be “right”, or do I want to be happy and feel good along the way? Because the job will get done, regardless.

May I be less about Correct and more about Connect. In each individual setting and interaction.

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Light. More light.

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Today is the first day after the winter solstice, here in the northern hemisphere. Ahh, the return of more light!

Although, this comes as neither a drastic nor immediate change from long winter dark. In fact, the amount of daylight over darkness increases by mere seconds each day at the latitude out my window. But that’s okay — I know it’s only going to get brighter.

Kinda like life.

Sometimes, we experience periods of dark. Sadness, loss, introspection, hibernation, facing difficulties, and some self-examination fit into this description. This can be short-term topics. I am so tired of cooking, lately. It can also be deeper aspects. Is my feeling underappreciated actually reflective of my lack of appreciating others? As much as I’d love to switch immediately into better thoughts and days, the truth is my true illumination most often comes little by little.

Which means that I get to keep learning not to fear the dark. It may seem slow, but the light always returns.

As you, too, hover with me in the not-dark-yet-not-light, worry not. There is nothing to solve, nothing to fix, nothing to create, nothing to manifest. There is only what is, and what we are, at this time. Lighter hearts are indeed coming, slowly.

I am honored to share with you the recently published essay The Sun Still Shines on the Worst day of Your Life, by Alida Winternheimer. It is a profound story, brilliant writing, and is nominated for inclusion in the anthology Best American Essays. Please read it in full online at Under the Sun publishing, here.

May we all gently shine on.

Signature wellness

Working from home at my job that I love, the time lines between the two can get blurred. “Work” and “Home” easily end up as one. I suspect those reading this who have a similar setup are nodding along. But honestly, I give my best job for my work, with both process and products, when I bring my whole self to it in this way.

It’s the home part that I can struggle with, for balance. And I don’t think I’m alone in this. Sometimes my most creative and productive time is at 5:00 a.m. Other times I am inspired at 6 p.m. on a Saturday. Should we really put our best selves in a scheduled box? Maybe celebrating our flow actually creates a more resultant splash. Like a water park

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