Oh, holy snap!

I’ve been judging the judger. I’ve been complaining about the complainer. And I’ve been crabby about the crabby.

But I’ve also appreciated the appreciative. And I’ve been understanding of the understanding. I’ve also been tolerant of the tolerant.

Here I thought I was soooooo awake. When what I’ve simply been is a mirror. Unconsciously reflecting back what is shown me, rather than being aware.

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Book interview on The Gathering radio show

I had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed about my book, This Time, Glide: Stop Struggling for Success and Begin Achieving through Ease and Joy! Stephanie Langer and Heidi Steffens are the hosts of the weekly radio show The Gathering. You can check them out live on the Para X Radio Network (paraxradionetwork.com) every Tuesday at 9pm EST, and you can also catch their library of past episodes on Podbean at thegatheringradio.podbean.com. Give them a listen, they’re incredibly interesting and enlightening!

Stephanie and Heidi

Please enjoy listening to the interview, below.

The Gathering Radio Show Interview, with Heidi and Stephanie

What is your favorite part of the interview? Is it the part about manifestation? Is it where we visit about what really happens when we say “bring it on!”? Is it the number of times I said “crap?” My favorite part is the way Stephanie and Heidi took good care of me the whole time (initially I was terrified to have said YES, and in the end it was a ton of fun). I also had a favorite time in giving away a copy of my book to a listener!

A metta mediation, chakra-style

You may or may not have heard of metta prayer or metta mediation. It’s also known as loving-kindness meditation. The gist of it is, you repeat three or four positive phrases either in your mind or out loud.

First, you apply the phrases to yourself. For example: May I be happy. May I be healthy. May I be free of suffering.

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Take a news media break, today

It’s not about any particular news story, it’s about all of them. Every day is a newly-created news chaos situation by design, no matter what day of a year of a cycle. Same energy, different topic. As a species, we humans tend to allow these external glowing screens to create our own personal and internal mood, tone, and emotions.

I say, not today.

Today I’m turning off the TV. Instead, I’m intentionally spreading love. I choose to see the good. I’m focusing on connection. I am bringing it, from within — and I’m sharing it with others.

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Supercharge your morning (part 13)

sunset in heart hands

“What is one thing you can do this morning to make all your tomorrows be your best yet?”

Just for this morning

create more of Heaven on Earth.

Be a conduit from the above to the below.

Operate solely from your heart center.


Tom Evans, Supercharge Your Morning

Heart centered.

As above, so below.

Be that, today.

And see it in others as well.

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