Simply Be

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay 

Take two minutes, right now, to pause and reground. Whether you think you need to or not. You will feel better for it, I promise you.

Take a moment

to stop doing

and to simply Be.

Take a moment

to stop thinking

and to simply Be.

Take a moment

to stop worrying

and simply Be.

Take a moment

to stop planning

and simply Be.

Scott Langston

Now listen to the full peaceful, breathing, grounding offering. Click on the image below:

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Be sure to do something you love today


Just, yes.

What will you do, today?

You really DO got it goin’ on!

Never read the paper (or social media) to find out

what’s happening in the world.

What’s happening in the world is what we bring to it,

what we choose to see in it,

what we create

with the joy and the light

of our own love and attention.

Pam Grout

What can YOU bring to your today??

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Every. Day.

quote meme: you are being presented with two choices: evolve or repeat.

Not only now… But always.

Does this scare you, or excite you?

I’ll be honest, it has elements of both. “Change?” Scary. “Transform?” Exciting.

Change can carry a feeling of loss. Well, I guess things change. Transformation carries a sense of becoming. Like a butterfly.

Evolve? Well now, that feels like a nice, gentle, gradual change into an overall welcomed transformation.

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Looking it full in the face, from both sides.

It occurs to me that “busted” is a different word for awareness. As in, I’ve been kind of fooling myself and now I can actually see that.

I can’t concentrate on my work projects because the TV is too loud in our shared space, again? I’ve been hiding behind my accommodating nature instead of speaking up for my needs…

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