It’s time for the gloves to come off


As we travel along on Life’s journey, we face challenges. It’s just part of the deal. What challenges have you experienced? Divorce? Diagnosis? Death? What challenges are you living right now? Maintenance and repair of home? Maintenance and repair of relationship?

It’s awesome when we work through, overcome. Life experienced turns to lessons learned turns to spiritual leveling-up turns to more Life experiences. And the wheel turns.

“And how did you enjoy yourself?”

“Magnificently! But not at the time.”

I wish I could remember — or find — who said the above. I stumbled across it years ago, and although someone like Mae West comes to mind I just haven’t been able to find out for sure. If you solve this mystery, please share with the rest of us!!

But if I identify with overcoming my challenge, do I accidentally keep it near me? Am I holding the struggle in my back pocket, like a handy glove? A glove fits like a second skin and is a layer of protection.

Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Oh. That explained some things! I embraced recommended medication but declined the subscription to an arthritis lifestyle magazine and membership in a community support group.  (I am not a doctor, and I am not making medical recommendations for ANYBODY. I am simply sharing my own experiences.)

Now, everyone is different and we embrace our challenges in our own way. In this case, mine was to go inward instead of outward. I sat down and had a little chat with RA:

“Hello! I see you. You seem to have a lot to say.

You are welcome to be here, and I will always listen to you. You can absolutely stay — as long as you behave. If you are not going to behave, then you need to leave. That’s the deal.”

And then I went on about my life.

I faithfully took the prescription, not to kick RA out but to enhance comfort and embrace ease and joy. When it spoke up I listened and responded accordingly. Again, comfort, ease, and joy. I can see now that what I did was invite a partnership with my challenge rather than fight and overcome my challenge. (“Magnificently, but not at the time…”) 

I did not keep an RA glove in my back pocket, wearing it as a second skin and protection — for myself, from myself, from this challenge, from the world.

I just went about my life, in partnership as host with this guest.

And I forgot that I had RA.

Of course, this was not all fully mindful on my part at the time. I do have clarity in hindsight, however — now that the doctors are telling me twenty years later that I do not have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I’ll let them continue to muddle over whether I was misdiagnosed (positive bloodwork markers aside!), or whether remission has turned into mystery disappearance. I know my Truth:

RA wasn’t an attack, it was an invitation. It had a lot to say, and what I initially thought was about it being heard for itself was really about it having messages for my highest good.  And apparently I finally truly got the messages for the long haul, because my guest no longer needs to stay.

All along I thought I was here for my challenge guest, when in Truth my guest was only always here for me.

Magnificently. But not at the time.

Do you identify with Life’s challenges, or do you evolve with them?

Think of a past challenge. What is one small hint of a possible partnership that this might have been, with messages on guiding you toward becoming your Highest Self? What is a current challenge you are experiencing? Can you see it differently, while you are in it?

What if our guardian angels are not helping us through our challenges, but are showing up as our challenges? Does that change how you feel about what you are experiencing? Do you feel more cradled in your process?

Holy Wow.




The Divine Mystery of Motherhood

A cross-stitch of the Holy Mother holding the Divine Child that the author

“Herein lies one of the greatest mysteries — the mystery of the holy Madonna and Child. The mystery of a woman’s charge to swaddle her young in a blanket of unconditional love and hold the immaculate concept of their divine perfection, no matter what outpictures to the contrary.”

–Nicole Christine, Temple of the Living Earth

Swaddled in a blanket of unconditional love. Held in the immaculate concept of divine perfection. Regardless of choices, actions, and lifestyles.

Holy wow.

May we as mothers consciously be this for our children.

May we as children receive

Whether from our earthly mom

Or our Divine Mother

Or both.


Have you sometimes felt questioned for your choices as a mom, or parent? Are you ever frustrated with the path your child seems to choose? Have you ever questioned others? Caused them frustrations with your direction? What if you surrendered to the Divine Mystery of Motherhood? Could you be this mother to your own self as well?

mother and child





Lessons from late-spring snow

Late April/early May snow, outside the front window.

What I woke up to today. It’s May.

Spring in the north woods finds me desperately looking forward to dry ground and green grass as I barely tolerate a seemingly endless season of mud. The dogs and our footwear treads don’t seem to mind, though, as boundaries between the outdoors and inside flooring disappear.

Spring is like making a change, learning a new pattern: Just when it seems like we’ve made it through and are done with the old, we get dosed with another wallop of More Of The Same.

It can be so disheartening. Yet there is a deep lesson here.  Read More

You will always be right. What do you want to be right about?


Every moment is a creation. You have choice. Your life is your spiritual journey.

You will always be right. What do you want to be right about?


“I have the power!”

Spiritual beings having a human experience

spirit guide 2

Our lives are a journey. A spiritual journey. We experience, in order to expand. In our experiences, we have choice.

Some experiences we’ve outgrown. We’ve learned what we needed to from them, and we no longer carry them daily. Like your best friend in fifth grade whom you chose to drift apart from, but in hindsight you see that you now listen to your inner authority over others’.

Some experiences are foundations. We’ve built upon them, and we continue to learn and grow from them. Like your religious history, that opened the door for choosing an even deeper and ongoing spirituality.

How about our challenging experiences? The ones in which we wonder what the right choice was. Should I have stayed in that relationship? What if I had not moved? Did I choose the right career?

Did I make the right choice? Did I take the right path? Read More

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