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Enjoy the good things

I received this pop-open card the other day, and it made me smile.

There was this magical message on it of directions to pop it open, so I did.

Oh. My. Goodness. AMAZEBALLS!! This totally made my day, and I keep it in my workspace (because then I see it every day)!

I have never heard of these, so I looked them up online. Thoughtfulls Pop-Up Cards. Who knew?!?

It’s kind of like Dove Promises chocolate bites meet pull tabs.

I’m gonna get a ton of these to give away.

How might you spread joy, today?

One more, about This

I’ve really been learning about myself, with staying my upbeat self when faced with another’s negativity. First, there was This nugget:

Do not see myself as vulnerable to other people’s negativity.

Holy wow. Great, but I need an actual how to deal with the situation when someone is coming at me from all sides with their own immersed crabbiness. Then, I realized This:

There is nothing for me to fix.

Boom. That’s actually very freeing. And I thought I had enough to sit with, until I experienced this scenario:

Have you ever actually been the one coming at another, with all of your immersed joy and excitement about A Thing? And their response is to rain on your parade, to throw shade on your sunshine?

Yeah. Unlike the first scenario, I didn’t actually see this one coming. But the good news is that I still get to choose my response (even if I have to recover a bit, first). And I am now beginning to understand This:

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More of This:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 17grumpycat-1-videosixteenbynine3000-1.jpg

So I’ve been sitting with my jaw-dropping learning about not seeing myself as vulnerable to other people’s negativity. Honestly, I love this. I feel lighter and brighter, just considering myself as this state of being.

And then…I encountered a curmudgeon. And aaaallll of my ideals about not being a victim to the atmosphere just. went. poof.

Clearly, I am going to need a game plan. A toolkit. A basket of helpful options.

Sitting further with this, I realized it isn’t all or nothing. I actually can unplug from the situation, without having to disconnect from the beloved person in order to do so.

For an empath, that’s actually quite an Aha.

Here’s an approach that is now helping me with keeping my upbeat self when blasted with someone’s negativity:

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How do you keep your positive, upbeat attitude when you are around others who are negative?


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For the fun of it

You’ve probably seen a dog in a big stretch, the kind that explains the yoga pose called Downward-Facing Dog.

photo of a woman and a dog head to head, each in downward dog pose

This weekend I got to witness a honey of a yellow lab who periodically just joyously drops and puts herself into Thread The Needle. I kid you not.

photograph of a tatooed man in thread the needle pose

Quite honestly, I am inspired. I now realize I have been holding a belief that moving my body during this time is causing some current physical limitations to be made worse. That “once my body feels better, then I will be able to walk/stretch/exercise/move more intentionally.”

But watching the happiness of this dog, just doing her thang in the simple moments and enjoying it, was enlightening:

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