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Pam Grout ACIM

I adore this book. This is A Course In Miracles for, well, everyone. This finally makes ACIM all make sense for me. On a live-your-life-daily level.

The how-to. In specifics. With all my human-ness, included.

This resonates.

For example, Pam Grout has connected songs to some of the lessons. Read More

Living through, together.


The robins have returned this past week, the weather now embraces sitting outside in the sunshine, and I went for a walk with my dog. I’m grateful for a returning sense of peace — I’ll be honest, I had lost my sense of balance of late. And while on my walk I received a profound gift from strangers. One that reminded me of what’s real. And that this is the inherent Truth to everything. Read More

Successfully staying at home with the ones we most love, without losing our minds


Self-quarantine. Shelter in place. Hunker in. 15 days to slow the spread. Working from home. School distance learning. However you call it, just #StayHome, folks. This too shall pass, one day we will indeed be able to leave the house for absolutely no reason. And also to meet friends and extended family at a dine-in restaurant.

In the meantime, we are all cooped up for extended time together — spouses, partners, children, parents, maybe even friends are temporarily combining households. With no known end date, how do we navigate our extended close-quartered time without biting each others’ heads off?


First off, I’d say retired couples have a lot to teach us by example. Who do you consider successful at their relationship in retirement? Have a conversation with them about it. In the meantime, here is a secret to thriving together in the lifestyle of being at home in close quarters: Read More

Testing positive


With the serious response to this pandemic, it’s easy to go down the fearful route. As a species, we seem to have forgotten that we ever existed without toilet paper. Or that we could somehow survive now without it.

As wonderfully reminded by Pam Grout, A Course In Miracles workbook Lesson 34 helps me with “I could see peace instead of this.” With that in mind, here is a beginning list of the positive things that I have been seeing around me: Read More

Everyday supervillans


Okay, here we go: Who are the people in your life who have hurt you the most? Maybe they’re alive, maybe they’re not — for this personal reflection that’s not the point. (The point isn’t about getting all riled up about it, as you will shortly see, so don’t be afraid to really go here.)

If you’re human, you’ve been hurt. At some point. By someone. Some of our wounds are deep. It’s within here that we repress aspects of ourselves. Did I give pause about answering the initial question? We disassociate from some parts of ourselves. I focus on my present, not on ancient history. We neglect and disown these parts of our psyches. Never mind! I’m going to focus on the positive. In shamanic terms, this is “soul loss.”

Well, that doesn’t sound so good. Read More

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