There’s no panicking in enlightenment, angst is optional, and joy is the answer — to everything.

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~ gina

Momentarily gifted

Feel light. Feel free.

The present

is a gift.

Right now, this moment.


Spiritual shapewear

We shape our own world.

Not depending on circumstances to determine how we are feeling, but depending on our choices for how we feel.

It’s not external; we are not victims.

It’s internal; we are creators.

Yes, this (insert particular crappy situation here) really sucks.

But I don’t.

And neither do you.

Choose. Then choose again.

Louise Hay’s I Can Do It calendar

I’ve been “getting through” lately. This unending winter, oh ffs the ice hasn’t even gone off the lakes yet and everything is still mud. Living out of boxes, in yet another move as part of an extended transition. Chronic pain that is usually quieter has been yelling at me instead. I’m getting so mentally grumpy that I can’t even stand my own company anymore.

And so I choose a thought. Isn’t this exciting? Will the ice go out by Mother’s Day, or by fishing opener? Isn’t it funny to see a crow standing on the lake, with the frozen water so dissolving blue instead of solidly white?

And I choose another thought:

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Note to Self: inner peace

I’ve really been fine, lately. But it’s the type of fine that is subconsciously used as a hope and a wish, rather than an actual reflection of how I’m really feeling.

Can you relate?

I discover this, as things just keep falling apart around me. It seems I continue to screw up, even though I am fully attending to the person, the situation, the task. This seems to keep happening in all areas of my life. I’m even dreaming about accidentally letting people down, making things difficult, doing things wrong — just by breathing.

I don’t feel like I’m pushing, striving, forcing. I actually feel calm, and receptive. And yet, the falling-apart is happening like when I am trying too hard. And I’m getting worn down, this is going on for a while now.

Oh. And now I’m trying too hard to figure out why this is happening. (Ouch for awareness…)

Here is a short mediation that I found on Insight Timer, that is really resonating and helpful right now. So please take a deep breath in with me, gently let it out, and let’s melt into these words:

Dear Self

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Passions and people, not possessions

Ah, yes — spring cleaning. Clearing out what no longer serves us and making space for what does. I’m a big fan of Denise Linn’s work in this area and I really love her measurement for if a thing is clutter or not:

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I use it?

If you can answer Yes to even one of these, the thing itself is not clutter.

Which means, clutter is subjective. Individual. Highly personal. Sorry, but your child’s collection of feathers (and possibly some naturally-harvested game birds’ feet, I’d advise not looking too closely) might be complete clutter to you — but not to her. (Perhaps she can keep it in a box under her bed, rather than strewn displayed in the family room.)

As we examine our belongings and decide what is and isn’t clutter, we are tuning in to and looking for what makes us happy. May we all remember, as we intend to surround ourselves with things that bring us joy, that it’s not actually the things.

We do not possess what gives us love.

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