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Let fly

You are here to fly

at full wingspan.

Marianne Williamson, via Pam Grout’s The Course In Miracles Experiment

Don’t hold back. Stop limiting ourselves. No longer automatically dimming ourselves when the room is already squinting at daylight.

Stretching our wings out all the way does not mean we will knock things, or others, over with them.

Yeah, I needed to hear this.

And now I am physically feeling into this. Hummingbird? Osprey? Angel? Hippogriff?

Where do you accidentally play small?

Not sure that you do? Me neither. Then why did this land so solidly with me when I read it?

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Perspective check

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own stuff. Sometimes it’s called being self-centered and self-absorbed. Sometimes it’s called responsibility and management.

When we are dealing with our own stuff, it’s easy to start to feel that we fly solo on this journey. And yet, we never do. We are always in relation to and with others.

A spouse. A family member. A friend. A colleague. A person at the checkout counter. The one who fills your online order. The folks at your Internet provider. Your dog or cat. The plant in the corner. The birds at your feeder.

Sometimes when we attend to our own stuff it’s called self-care. And the cosmic humor of us attending to our self-care stuff is that others can become… Well, let’s just say that there are lots of synonyms for frustrating confusing difficult annoying opportunities to practice being gracious.

They seem to be taking me for granted lately. Can’t she return my email? Geez, he seems needy at this time. Couldn’t she have looked me in the eye? Why did they put this in such a big box? Why is my connection so slow today? Seriously, you need to go out again?!? These leaves are so brown. Where did the hummingbirds go?

It’s all about perspective. As in, we have ours and they have theirs.

They are overloaded with a new hire at their job. She has been feeling sick the past couple days. He is struggling with his teenage son. She is worried about her mother who is at her first day in the new facility. They used what they had to get the order out on the day it was placed. The provider is working on repairs. Earlier, your dog prioritized greeting you over completing their outside business. Your ignored plant is thirsty and lonely. The hummer feeder is infested with ants.

I don’t have to perceive through everyone else’s lenses. I just have to know that we all view through our own.

And, I don’t believe that anyone wakes up and plots how they can screw with my day.


In all tests of character, when two viewpoints are pitted against each other, in the final analysis, the thing that will strike you the most is not who was right or wrong, strong or weak, wise or foolish… but who went the greater length in considering the other’s perspective.

Don’t you agree?

The Universe

Mike Dooley
Photo by Mac Mullins on Pexels.com

There’s beauty all around

In case I needed the reminder (and sometimes, it turns out, I do), there is beauty all around me. All I have to do is see. In particular, I am really grooving on the everyday holy wonders of the backyard.

The bear, that we didn’t see but flattened the bird feeder poles. She knows what she wants and reaches for it, unapologetically.

The birds, at the now-wonky yet perfectly good feeders. They don’t bother about the container it comes in, they simply enjoy the gifts.

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A love note from the Universe

Love where you’ve been.

Love where you’re at.

Love how you think.

Love the power you pack.

Love all that you seek.

Love all that you feel.

Love your rocking emotions.

And the thoughts you make real.

But mostly, amazing [you], I really, really love you in this very moment.

Here and now,

The Universe

PS — Far be it from me to tell anyone what to love about themselves, [Marvelous You], I’m too busy loving it all.

Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe for May 31, 2002. I adore that I receive these in my inbox

I appreciate the double perspective on this. When I first began to read it, it was internal. Like a message from Me to me, suggestions on how to hold myself in my own heart. When I got to the part at the end where I read “I,” as in, a message from an external Source speaking to me, the whole thing came whooshing in on me like a loving parent speaking to a dear child.

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Oh! I finally get it!

Have you ever been in a situation where some other person has really done you wrong? And people in your life who love you and are listening to you process it all out loud nod their heads in understanding and then say, “Yeah, but they were only doing the best that they could.” And you’re a bit flabbergasted, because you’re still hurt by it all, regardless?

I have.

You know what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s your gaslighting spouse. Your friend who used your confidence against you. Your parent that still won’t talk with you about the unexpected results of your ancestry DNA at-home test. The. Person. Who. Lied.

Yep. It’s real. And I don’t know about you, but sometimes (okay, often) my flash response to “they are doing the best that they can” is indignation. Because honestly, it’s not good enough.

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