Seeing the hard calls for what they are

“Difficult… Very difficult.”

We often confuse difficult choices with no choice at all.

Kerri Richardson, From Clutter to Clarity

I see myself in this. “I really had no choice.” Didn’t I…? How often do I use this as an unconscious reason for my inactions? For my actions? For not making the hard call. For making the hard call, but not taking responsibility for that.

We’re not talking Sophie’s Choice here, people. This is about knowing our truth, but not really owning it. Giving our power away.

Do you do this at times, too? Who in your life is in your head right now, saying this? (It’s so much easier to see it in others, isn’t it?!? Just remember, other people are our mirrors…)

For me, I tend to experience this through my inaction, my not speaking up:

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There’s no panicking in enlightenment, angst is optional, and joy is the answer — to everything.

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Grateful blast from the past

I just revisited a past post here that absolutely stunned me. It’s as if two years ago, Present Me wrote a message to Future Me , that I was supposed to read today.

(Which of course is now Present Me thanking Past Me, and again paving the way for Future Me… Oh Me, oh My!)

What Is the Grandfather Paradox? | Space

A great, big, huge THANK YOU to Evolution of Self for presently dropping your comment on that past post; you brought it to my attention and made my time-loop connection happen. Bless you.

For the rest of you, here is that message bomb, copied below. Interestingly-of-course, I am finishing reading a book about cultivating small habits for major effect. Yep, this is what I needed to tell myself at this time.

May it be mind-blowing, time-traveling support and encouragement for you, as well.

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Simply Be

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay 

Take two minutes, right now, to pause and reground. Whether you think you need to or not. You will feel better for it, I promise you.

Take a moment

to stop doing

and to simply Be.

Take a moment

to stop thinking

and to simply Be.

Take a moment

to stop worrying

and simply Be.

Take a moment

to stop planning

and simply Be.

Scott Langston

Now listen to the full peaceful, breathing, grounding offering. Click on the image below:

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Be sure to do something you love today


Just, yes.

What will you do, today?

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