Routine is resistance to wonder


routine is resistance to wonder

There’s a lot to be said for being comfortable. If I had to choose between living in a constant state of homeostasis and living in a constant state of fight, flight, or freeze…? Well, duh. We all know what stress does to the human body (let alone mind) over time.

Medical findings and common sense aside, being constantly comfortable is not actually the goal. Here are some other ways to say “comfortable”:

  • familiar
  • Old Patterns
  • routine
  • autopilot
  • we’ve always done it this way
  • mindless (as opposed to mindful)

Think about this: Are my familiar patterns and routines still serving me? Or am I comfortable simply because they’re familiar?

What if it’s less about being comfortable, and more about gliding through it all with ease and joy? Discomfort is not the same as being in a state of stress. Noticing, and being with, a discomfort can be very enlightening. In an easy and joyful way.

So take a different route. Allow yourself to be a little hungry. Try a different movie. Stay up a little later — or, go to bed a little earlier. Take a risk. Make that call. Say yes. Or, this time say no. Where can you find the wonder with yourself today?

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Everyday empowerment through thought


We already know that aligning our words with our desired outcomes is creating magic. By the way, that goes for our thoughts, too. Thoughts are mental words.

What if we made sure our words always bless a situation, or person to whom we are speaking?

Let’s express our thoughts and feelings, instead of sending spiritual arrows.

The stories we tell ourselves through the thoughts in our heads are also the creation of our lives. Abracadabra — “I create as I speak” (even in my mind).

What are you creating, today?

What do you want to create?

Begin again. All it takes is a thought.

The creative power of words

speaking magic

Do you want something in your life? Harmony, appreciation, a new couch? It all begins with the magic word: Abracadabra.

Seriously. Here’s why: Read More

Mental hamsters into mindfulness

hamster gif

For most of my life I’ve had a hamster on a wheel in my head.

Can you relate?

In my process of self-awareness over the years, I can see how our relationship has evolved, this hamster and me:

First I befriended it. This was good.

Then I gave it permission to take occasional naps. This was better.
Sleeping Hamster

Recently I participated in an 8-week mindfulness class. Partway through, I realized something that absolutely astounded me: Read More

Turn emotional lead into gold, like this:


The other day I caught myself reacting in my head in, well, not what I would in any form call a mindful, observing way. A thoughtless comment was made, I took it personally, and although neutral on the outside I was incredibly animated on the inside.

Bitmoji Image

Can you relate?

I know, I know — thoughtless comment, or misperception? Well-intentioned speaker, overly exhausted receiver? Chalk it up to poor timing, but there I am doing one-sided damage control in my mind.

And it’s times like these where “Serenity now” just falls flat.

am learning that it hugely helps to name my feelings, and honor them… But then what?

Try this for yourself,  I find it’s helping me: Read More

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