Dare to Lose Your Security Blanket; Marvel at What Your Heart Gains

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Remember that 1990’s Doritos commercial series? The one with the tagline, “Crunch all you want, we’ll make more.” Well, giving from the heart is a lot like that.

Crunch all you want, we'll make more Doritos ad

When you give unconditionally and with an open heart, the well never dries. For both others and for ourselves.

This applies whether it’s our time, our talent, or our treasures.


Sometimes it occurs to you to start a conversation with your headphoned teenager, but you read your book on the couch next to them instead. Occasionally you reach to empty the dishwasher, and then stop because it’s really your spouse’s turn. Maybe you think about leaving a larger tip on your lunch tab, and then don’t as you tell yourself maybe next time you will.

We all do this. We get the idea to go just a little bit further, and then don’t. We stay comfortable. We stay safe. We stay the course.

What if  the next time you hesitate before giving beyond your norm, you checked in with yourself:

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Four Parts to Manifestation. Part Four — Spiritual

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(Part four of four — Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual)

Here’s where we’ve been with this four-part series on manifestation. First, we’ve felt the frustration of wanting X yet continuing to experience Y. Next, we’ve realized that the actions we take in any given moment support either X or Y — and to choose with awareness. Then, we explored our possible hidden commitments, the reasons that we unconsciously continue to create Y — and that opening to this is what helps us transition to X.

Because of all of these aspects so far, we come to a revelation. A How-To for actually becoming X. And if we would have skipped right to it, we would not have learned its depth:

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Four Parts to Manifestation. Part Three — Mental

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Part Three of Four (Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual)

Exploring the hidden commitment–Mental

From the emotional aspect of manifestation, I learn to recognize situations in which I say I want one thing (X) but continue to experience another (Y). And that there is the idea that I ultimately act to support my hidden commitment. Which is why I continue to experience Y…

For example, I say I want my existing clothes to fit better again (X), and yet I continually squeeze into my pants (Y).

From the physical aspect of manifestation, I learn to recognize that my actions support either X or Y. And that I get to choose again and again and again, in each small moment as it arrives.

For example, when I get hungry I can ask myself, “What will support what I say I want, rather than continuing to support my existing situation?” And then I can choose a turkey lettuce wrap with sprouts instead of a super-sized drive-through meal — and be even more nourished and satisfied than anticipated.

How about your X vs. Y story? Can you identify one? Are you able to then recognize your choices in the moments, and act to support your X?

Now that we’ve identified our situation and can act on a supportive plan, let’s take a look at addressing our hidden commitment.

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Four Parts to Manifestation. Part Two — Physical

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Part Two of Four (Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual)

Building upon our last conversation, I now recognize that I say I want X (for example, to lose weight), yet I continually experience Y (make poor food choices). What did you discover about your experience with this situation? What is it that you desire, yet continually don’t experience?

Further, I realize that what I’m doing is feeding (oh, ha) my hidden commitment. With my layering and gathering, I think I might be protecting. And this is a surprise. What might your own hidden commitment be?  

Take some time to sit with that, we’ll explore this mental aspect of manifestation next time. Today, we’re going to look at how to specifically get ourselves from X to Y. What to DO with what we are aware of — the physical aspect.

Here is the secret I’ve found to moving myself from what I’m actually experiencing (X) into what it is that I truly desire (Y). And it’s really very simple:

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Four Parts to Manifestation. Part One — Emotional

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(Part One of Four–Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual)

I say I want one thing, yet what I am experiencing is another.

For example, I say I want to save money — while I continue to spend. I say I want to lose weight — yet I continue to eat mindlessly and not move my body.

For being such a big believer in creating our own realities and lives, what the heck am I doing with my own, here?!?

Have you experienced this? Do you say you want one thing, when your life continues to be another?

Nancy Levin taught me that we create what we are most committed to. So why do I continually create one scenario when I truly believe I want another?

What’s the hidden commitment I actually have? What is it that I gain from what I do, versus what I tell myself I want?

Let’s look closer at this; it’s starting to make sense to me. Maybe it will help you, too.
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