eBook and a quoted inspiration

Wahoo! The eBook of This Time, Glide is now available! You can find it where the hardcover and paperback versions are available:

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SPECIAL REQUEST: After reading my book, would you please post your thoughts in a review??

It’s easy to copy and paste a review to all 3 online locations, linked above! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And now, a gift of a quoted message for you today:

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Even in our scary differences we are still alike

Dry Farm Natural Wines

What’s the difference, for the observer, between one person moving through their life by seemingly needing everything to be planned out and in its proper slot, and another person seemingly taking things as they come and just seeing what happens?

Being privy to their thought process.

Both types, as we watch them, are relaxed and enjoying the end result. When it’s actually time for the event, the situation, the outcome, each are present in the moment. But when using our own lens, it’s easy to get judgy about how the other navigates. When each are actually similar, but we don’t see that.

When we hear others

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Supercharge your morning (part 12)

sunset in heart hands

“What is one thing you can do this morning to make all your tomorrows be your best yet?”

Just for this morning

Allow the clouds to part.

Let the sunshine in 

and illuminate the shadows.

Open your petals and show your beauty.

Tom Evans, Supercharge Your Morning

You are radiant. Be that, today.

The world needs you.

When helping doesn’t actually look like helping…

Which help is assisting & supporting, and which help is rescuing & enabling?

How long do I let someone experience productive struggle, before stepping in?

If it also makes my life better when theirs is smooth, can I simply allow and be with their bumpy upset and discord — without taking it on, myself?

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This Time, Glide

I’ve just published a book! This Time, Glide: Stop Struggling for Success and Begin Achieving through Ease and Joy is a step by step guide to, well, exactly what the subtitle says! Here is a little bit about it:

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