Happiness is a spiritual path


God, being Love, is also happiness. Our Spiritual nature, our one-ness with God, means that like Love, happiness isn’t something to be attained, it’s something to allow. And also like Love, it is for us.

Think about that.

Happiness isn’t asking for too much. It’s not a bonus, it’s our birthright. We get to be happy. Joyously, outrageously, boldly, dazzlingly happy.

If we’re not, it’s because Read More

Overcome, or surrender? Or is it both?

fire yin yang

In an effort to be more at peace (think about that one!), I have been considering my language. The words I use. For both my spoken conversation and my mental chatter.

For example, I like to think I’m pretty good at allowing others to have their own process, rather than expecting us both to arrive on the same path. And then. . . There I go acknowledging to myself how exhausting it can sometimes be to witness other’s choices.

So . . . I think I’m allowing, but how much have I surrendered to this, really? If I’m exhausted, I’m actually still plugged in. Still trying to overcome.

Which makes me realize that words have tremendous creative power: Read More

Where’s my Grace, dammit?!?

Young Frustrated Exhausted Woman Laid Her Head Down On The Table

I’m way behind on laundry. My current work project is taking longer than I think it should. I can’t seem to get enough sleep lately. I’m desperate to see my dear out-of-town friends for a weekend. I’m only now realizing that I’m short-tempered more often. And dear God, can I just get a break?

So I catch up on cleaning. I give my work project my all, at the expense of my personal project. I go to bed early. My uplifting peeps and I share within an ongoing group text things that make us laugh so hard we pee our pants a little. I try to be more patient with my spouse, my dog, and myself. And more stuff still piles on and I’m still so frustrated and dear God, can I just get a break??

Here I thought I was taking steps to improve my situations. Yet it just keeps piling on. What in the world am I doing wrong?

Oh. It’s not about me. Read More

A reminder for me, today

A house in the country to find out what's true,

All the rest are just mosquitoes buzzing around my face — annoying distractions that I mistakenly focus on.

Now I remember. Read More

How in standing down I’m stepping up

iron man stand down

I have a few things in my life to manage, and I tend to try to be on top of them. I feel better (read: more sane) when I face things directly. My tasks, jobs, things that are necessary of my days, interests of mine, and so on. I much prefer to take the lead and create my time, rather than wait to see what happens and then react to it.

One way feels like creating my life, but the other way feels like being a victim to it. And in no way do I want that.

Recently I had a big Aha: I learned it’s not really the one or the other. Read More

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