Passions and people, not possessions

Ah, yes — spring cleaning. Clearing out what no longer serves us and making space for what does. I’m a big fan of Denise Linn’s work in this area and I really love her measurement for if a thing is clutter or not:

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I use it?

If you can answer Yes to even one of these, the thing itself is not clutter.

Which means, clutter is subjective. Individual. Highly personal. Sorry, but your child’s collection of feathers (and possibly some naturally-harvested game birds’ feet, I’d advise not looking too closely) might be complete clutter to you — but not to her. (Perhaps she can keep it in a box under her bed, rather than strewn displayed in the family room.)

As we examine our belongings and decide what is and isn’t clutter, we are tuning in to and looking for what makes us happy. May we all remember, as we intend to surround ourselves with things that bring us joy, that it’s not actually the things.

We do not possess what gives us love.

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Efficiency is the killer of imagination

night scene showing young boy with a little moon in his hands sitting on meadow, digital art style, illustration painting

Very recently I read that “efficiency is the killer of imagination,” and for the life of me can’t recall from where or by whom. Chalk it up to the fact that I’ve been reading from a variety of written sources lately, and also that this idea struck me so hard I’ve been kind of in a daze with processing it.

I have always valued both in myself. And now I’m exploring that perhaps in doing so I’ve actually been not fully expressing one, or the other, or both. And that feels like a gut-punch. Interesting. What am I most mourning?

I like the simple, clean lines of efficiency. When I put ingredients away and wash dishes as I go when I make a meal, instead of cleaning everything up afterward later, I finish my task sooner instead of creating a whole new one. I feel spacious, expansive, and free.

I adore the meandering, creative, discovery of imagination. When I sit with coffee and watch birds, I let my mind open to creative thoughts and I receive ideas, insights, and Divine peace. I feel spacious, expansive, and free.

And yet… What if in my efficiency of scheduling time for imagination, I’m actually holding myself back? Accidentally putting an upper limit on my imagination?

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We are celebrating, today!

Today, my friends, marks six years of weekly posts here! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of this space — and for being such an inspiration!

Ten years ago this space was begun, and after four years of enjoyable random posting. a commitment was made to sharing regularly, every week. A personal commitment to creativity.

Just by asking, “I wonder what would happen if I (insert your own idea here)…”

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Reverse-engineering happiness and success

The old story of how to feel good goes like this: “If this (insert success here) happens, then I’ll be happy.” You know what that looks like — when we get the job, land the contract, get the love interest, win the lottery then we’ll be happy.

Those pretty big-ticket items are fairly obvious, but it can look a little sneakier on a daily basis. What are your small wishes? For someone to clean the bathroom, unasked? For your spouse to be a little more cheerful? For the weather to be drier/wetter/stormier/calmer/sunny/not quite so hot? And then life would be better?

Here’s the deal: things become better because we are happy, not the other way around. And for those who need it, there is scientific proof of this.

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More daily self care

We care for ourselves when we pay attention to what is also already going right, and not merely just what we are overcoming.

Are you navigating arthritis in your hands — and you are able to open most containers?

Did you forget deodorant on your recent shopping trip — and you remembered toilet paper?

Did you contribute excessive background noise during your last virtual meeting — and you share space with beings you adore?

Are you putting in extra hours on that project — and your spouse is responding by quietly doing “your” chores, unasked?

You are really knocking it out of the park — YAY, YOU!!! Keep at it, you’ve got this!


What else has been going well, maybe even all on its own?

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