3 gifts of guidance

I recently read a message from Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House publishing, in which he had been asked to share his three favorite bits of advice for others. I adore All Things Hay House, the tone of which is set by this very person. So I was receptive to hearing what he had learned along the way and valued enough to pass on.

Interested? Here they are:

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Living a rich life

I read a blurb some time ago that I’m still gently thinking about. Tori Dunlap, founder of Her First $100K, gave a nod to what it actually means to live a rich life:

You might immediately think of Jeff Bezos or other million or billionaires on private jets with flowing champagne and houses with more bathrooms than bedrooms –– but what if it was simpler than that?

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And now, a word from our sponsor (The Universe)

Our lives are filled with infinite possibilities.

The only thing that keeps us down, that holds off our fullest possibilities, is our limiting beliefs. Which are indeed true in our lives — for only as long as we hang onto them.

Today I remember to let go of the How.

Today I am open to the only thing that matters.

Today I am Love.

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Dreaming into existence

I’m so excited to share that another person from my past writing seminar participants has published a book! Evan Hanson has written and published Hoog: Hunter, Explorer, Peace Maker. It is a historical fiction tale of a boy in a Stone Age clan, and takes place in the Ohio River Basin during 198 B.C. You can find this intriguing tale on Amazon in both print and eBook versions. I have only just begun to read my copy (I have them in both formats, so that I can continue reading under the covers in the dark!), and I am already drawn in by the characters. I know various people in my life that have similar personalities (myself included!), and can’t help but to identify. It’s fun to see the characters in my life juxtaposed in Evan’s setting. And it’s fun to see Evan’s characters juxtaposed in my present-day life. I can’t wait to pick up Hoog’s adventure where I left off, later tonight!

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Life is not a linear path

For those of us who are going along nicely and then find ourselves experiencing, “What just happened here?!?”, I offer comfort in community. We are not alone. And we are, actually, right on track. Because Life is not supposed to be the straight line that it isn’t, anyway.

Today we have a guest author — Todd, Founder of Dry Farm Wines. This comes from the company’s latest newsletter, and is shared here with permission. Salud!

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