What are you focusing on?

If you intend to be of assistance, your eye is not upon the trouble but upon the assistance, and that is quite different. When you are looking for a solution, you are feeling positive emotion — but when you are looking at a problem, you are feeling negative emotion.

Excerpted from The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham, on 7/1/2006 (Esther and Jerry Hicks, and Abraham)

So much strife upheaval challenge transition happening at this time. “The only thing constant is change,” and boy does it seem like we are constantly feeling it. Politics, pandemics, and personal processes aside, the world has been changing anyway.

As my Dad has always wisely noted, “Things don’t stay the same, faster.” For many, it feels as if it’s all coming to a choke point, now. All we can see is that things seem to be going further and further from where we came. As humanity, we have long professed that an upgrade is needed. (From the patriarchy, in the education system, and with healthcare — let alone personal learning to say a healthy No, letting go of “shoulds,” and giving donations only to those that can provide us with a receipt, for examples.) Now that we are actually in this global shift we are terrified to let go of our death grip. Because all we can see is what we are losing. And we don’t recognize its other face.

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Honor and release; welcome and receive

As we come to the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another, it’s a good time for a fresh start. Maybe you just can’t wait to kick 2020 in the to the curb and are praying that 2021 is oh-so-over-it. Or perhaps you had at least some good things happen this past year and are hopeful for even more of that this new year.

Either way, we can tip the scales in our favor. How? By moving through this transition with intention. Try this: a personal ceremony of honoring and releasing the old year, and welcoming and receiving the new one.

BTW, other words for “ceremony” are mindfulness… meditation… journaling… prayer… Just saying.

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Oh, THERE’S the joy this season!

So here we come to yet another pandemic holiday season this year that may, in fact, look very different than our usual gatherings. This is getting old, right?!? How can we possibly find the joy this year? Is there any? Or is perhaps a case of mild happiness the best we can hope for?

Outrageous joy is all around us, at all times. Here’s how to find it:

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Ready table one

The Peanuts gang sitting at a dinner table.

We cannot focus upon the weaknesses of one another and evoke strengths. You cannot focus upon the things that you think they are doing wrong, and evoke things that will make you feel better. You’ve got to beat the drum that makes you feel good when you beat it. And when you do, you’ll be a strong signal of influence that will help them to reconnect with who whey are.

Excerpted from Washington, DC, on 10/16/2004 — Abraham-Hicks

Holy Wow, for how this fits with my newly-discovered awareness of what tolerance really does. I’m learning that although there is room at the table for everyone, it’s always okay to go sit at another table. Now, I am guided to keep my eyes at my table of choice, at the offerings for my own plate.

Because if I’ve removed myself but am still

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What do you mean, I don’t actually have to put up with this…?

Young girl in car seat looking like wut? meme

I had a Holy Wow moment the other day that basically took me out at the knees. The kind of awareness that feels like your actual brain inside your physical skull is quite literally being turned upside down.

I realized that a quality I possess, and have always considered it a strength, is actually ruining my life.

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