Holding hands with the Divine

holding hands with the Divine

What is keeping you from having a closer, more intimate relationship with a Divine Presence? (Also known as God, the Universe, the FP [Field of Potentiality], Holy Spirit, stunt double, personal butler, etc.) Do you hold the concept that you created as a child? Does that still serve you?

As a child, my God was Read More

How Wayne’s World helped me find a state of grace


What is humility? I had always thought it meant realizing that I’m human, imperfect.

Now I have a fuller understanding of humility.

It’s a state of grace. One in which we not only realize that we are human and imperfect, we allow for that. We love and accept our human selves, in the face of our imperfections.

But wait, there’s more. Read More

Our spiritual journey, and our soul journey.

stained glass church window

Think about your religious upbringing. Now look at your spiritual path throughout life. Finally, consider your current relationship with God.  (Don’t get hung up on how you — or others — name and describe that Divinity. You yourself likely have at least three names: first, middle, last. And if you ever updated your name with marriage(s), you’ve got even more! So let Him have a bunch of possible names She could go by!)

How has your spirituality and relationship with this Force changed? Read More

Welcome to the dark side. It’s on the back of the light side.


In Matt Kahn’s book Everything is Here to Help You, I read the idea that our ego is “the soul in its most dormant phase of expansion.” This opened the door for me to consider that my ego is not something to fight, overcome, or battle.

It’s actually a piece of my soul in its baby stage. On the same journey of expansion, not in opposition to it. It’s just at a different point along the same path. Read More

The light, the dark, no difference.



You’ve likely encountered a situation or quality that has both a “good” side and a “bad” side. An example of this might be accomplishment. Yes, we get things done. And yet, sometimes they’re done less fully just so that we can get to them being done. Further still, we can slowly become rather rigid and narrow in our process of how we accomplish things, both daily tasks and broader goals. Now everything is a chore, with only one right way to go about getting there. We can barely stand to be around ourselves, we’re so inflexible.

The opposite of this is also an example: rather than a linear set of rules for getting things done, we remain open to variations of how things might become accomplished. We hold a “let’s see what unfolds” approach. And yet, sometimes nothing gets done in our focus on keeping open. Or worse, what unfolds for us is really not what we wanted: we victimized ourselves by letting our daily tasks and our broader goals be formed without truly giving our own input. We can barely stand to be around ourselves, we never make a decision.

Two sides of the same coin. The light side and the shadow side.

chance change


By now we’re pretty good at recognizing shadow sides of aspects of ourselves — and avoiding them. Or, shining a light on them with the purpose of dissolving them. But what if we embraced our shadow sides? What if they are not actually aspects to overcome and erase? Read More

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