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Are you stuck on a problem? Maybe you want to lose weight. Perhaps your dog has been ignoring your commands. Could be you are disillusioned with your job. Maybe a person in your life is driving you nuts. (Or maybe you’re that person for somebody else…!)

The next time you find yourself enmeshed in a difficulty, try this:

Don’t look for answers.

Instead, Read More

Practice Makes It Real


In the spirit of continuing to create spaciousness, I’ve got another practice I’ve been trying. Here’s an alternative to working through your tasks so that you have time for yourself afterward:

Bring a creative essence, regardless of what you are doing.

This means finding the flow in the laundry. The meal preparation. The (gasp!) bill-paying. The vacuuming. Trimming the dogs’ nails. Brushing teeth. In the everyday exercises, the mundane movement. Not just in the separate chunks of time dedicated to creativity and spaciousness.

When I look to get the ideal situation (create a block of Me Time) in order to get the ideal results (relax to find my Peace and Flow), I miss out on a whole lot more of exactly what it is that I seek.

When I can find — or create — my desired outcome feelings, in me, first, the darndest thing happens.

Everything then becomes an ideal situation. Because I already have my ideal results, of how I hope to feel. And it only gets bigger from there.

How do we do this? How do we find those desired-outcome feelings first, instead of after creating the situations for them to result from? It’s actually very simple. Read More

How To Regain Your Balance and Stay Sane — During the Holidays and Beyond


I like to mindfully create my days overall, and I’ve got a good balance going of self, work, and family. But as Life is dynamic, new influences are always coming in for attention. I can tell that I’ve been creeping toward more and more over-busy, over-full, and over-tired. If I were to be honest with myself, I’ve actually been in it for awhile and am only just now seeing that it’s not approaching, it’s arrived. 

Ooo, heads-up: the bustling and beautiful holidays are coming! (No, wait, they’re here!) How do I regain my sense of peace and flow, and not just for the short-term?

Oh! There it is:

Create spaciousness. Read More

Discovering Your Flow

May I be blessed.

May I be held.

May I receive the peace of my center.

Tami Lynn Kent, from her book Wild Creative

What do you feel in your body as you read this? My belly melted, my chest expanded, and my eyes quickened with tears. Clearly there is something here for me. Perhaps there is a gift here for you, too.

Sit quietly with this prayer/mantra/meditation/intention/gratitude before getting out of bed each morning, and watch what happens.



Creativity: A Love Story

Advance Of Inner Thoughts

The secret to life is creativity.

Wait. It’s not what you think it is. Read More

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