You already have the answers

lily spiral

I received a great reminder last week about how we already have the answers we seek, and to simply seek within. Now, I know I know that I know that, yet it seems the external cacophony of life can be so loud that sometimes I get distracted.

I forget, and then I remember. Then I re-forget, and then I re-remember. And I used to be hard on myself for this cycle, feeling like I was wavering and failing instead of holding steady in faith. Maybe you can relate.

The thing is, Read More

God Is My Social Media Manager


Sometimes you go through something so big that you cave in. Normally socially outgoing and engaged, for now you pull your energies in and keep them close. Your external Social Media Manager morphs into an internal Hermit.

Maybe you are going through a divorce. Your spouse has moved into nursing care. Or you are planning a funeral for your child. We’re talking about a life transition so impactful that you are temporarily pausing. For a very long time. Read More

Miss Understood


Conflict develops when two people say, “Here’s how I need you to be.”

Resolution emerges when one of those people says, “I allow you to be exactly as you are.”

One of you.

You don’t need both. You don’t need to agree. You don’t even need the other’s conscious awareness.

Just your own. Read More

The Archetype of Independence

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

I very recently had the opportunity to visit historic Philadelphia for the first time. I assumed my connection to the place would come from the true awesomeness of being able to stand in places and touch items that are deeply profound to our great nation’s creation.

Yes, and… A full-body Holy Wow:

Physically standing in our nation’s history simultaneously with my own, I profoundly realized an Archetype of Independence. This became especially clear during a guided tour of Independence Hall. This archetypal pattern of Independence supports and guides us today, when we have to make the personal hard choices of breaking away in order to be true to ourselves. Whether physically or metaphorically. Read More

Miss Communication


Have you ever been in a conversation with a loved one in which you both just weren’t connecting? And the harder you tried to communicate, the worse it all went?

If you’re breathing, I’ll bet the answer is yes. (Because I’m breathing, too.)

Here’s what is actually happening, and here’s what you can do when you’re in it: Read More

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