You Are (Already) Here

Pin Drop

Along a road in northern MN

I am a huge fan of digital maps. Literally at our fingertips we can look up restaurants, craft breweries, or wax museums Near Me and instantly see what’s around us and how to get there. We can also plug in the address of our out-of-town great-aunt’s house and will be given a route.

A pin drop for where we want to be — and direction for how to get there. It’s awesome.

And yet… Read More

Be the Tumbleweed

1510582967-TWC-Tumbleweed-Color-Logo-Mark  I’m in a situation where I can be a presence of light for others during a challenging time for all of us. I have been trying to gently guide our direction, knowing that there is a path through this of peace and love. But I feel like I’m failing when a more difficult path is chosen.  And then a huge Aha rolled through me: Read More

Wild and Sometimes Woolly

downloadYou are likely familiar with the whole caterpillar metaphor for personal growth and transformation:

  1. Caterpillar crawls along in life, learning to be the best caterpillar it can be.
  2. Caterpillar spins a chrysalis, or cocoon, and hangs out for a while — presumably in contemplation of Self.
  3. Caterpillar emerges transformed into a butterfly, now flying to greater heights and new experiences.

Two things have always stood out for me with this. But very recently, I received a third Aha. Read More

A Health “Before and After” Puzzle

self care giving

Self care + caregiving


Fill your cup first

and then

look after others

from the overflow.

water bowl overflow




Not Wrong is the new Right


I’ve learned a small change in wording that makes a huge difference in relationship. It applies in all areas of life, because it strengthens connection.

It’s super helpful to consider when someone is unleashing their belief, opinion, or frustration on you. It’s beneficial when someone shares their thoughts, feelings, and emotions with you. It’s also supportive when applied to yourself. It’s simple, yet profound: Read More

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