How does your day look?

Woman sitting on a log in the woods, holding a large mirror in her lap that reflects outward. It appears like she has no torso and is holding an empty frame.

Perception is a mirror, not a fact. The world I observe is my state of mind, reflected outward.

Pam grout


What am I seeing in the world?

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From seizing the day to setting the day

I used to make a to-do list every morning. That helped me organize my thoughts and my tasks for the day. It’s a great productivity tool. And I am really, really great at being productive. But it turned into a way that, for me, became unbalanced. It morphed into accomplishing more and more and more — because, well, I actually could do it. (Some would call this “rising to the occassion.” But forgetting to appropriately stand down.)

Can you relate? Do you subscribe to “work first, then rest?” Do you also find that the work is actually never done? Do you add pieces of tomorrow’s tasks onto today’s to-do list, thinking it will clear space in your tomorrow — and yet then your new today turns out to be just as full as your yesterday and the day before was, anyway?

just more of the same warped time

Do you ever feel that you are usually either catching up, or working ahead so that you don’t get behind, just to maintain?

I see you, my friend. I was this, too. Unitl I finally learned what until then had been a secret to me:

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3 gifts of guidance

I recently read a message from Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House publishing, in which he had been asked to share his three favorite bits of advice for others. I adore All Things Hay House, the tone of which is set by this very person. So I was receptive to hearing what he had learned along the way and valued enough to pass on.

Interested? Here they are:

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Living a rich life

I read a blurb some time ago that I’m still gently thinking about. Tori Dunlap, founder of Her First $100K, gave a nod to what it actually means to live a rich life:

You might immediately think of Jeff Bezos or other million or billionaires on private jets with flowing champagne and houses with more bathrooms than bedrooms –– but what if it was simpler than that?

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And now, a word from our sponsor (The Universe)

Our lives are filled with infinite possibilities.

The only thing that keeps us down, that holds off our fullest possibilities, is our limiting beliefs. Which are indeed true in our lives — for only as long as we hang onto them.

Today I remember to let go of the How.

Today I am open to the only thing that matters.

Today I am Love.

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