How to get from here to there: A commitment to your self.

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Growing. Transforming. Leveling up. Change. We all have things we’d like to be, do, or have that are different from where we’re at. We often call them goals. Sometimes we call them dreams. Either way, we’re looking at life from where we are (here) to where we want to be (there).

A new job. A move across the country. To open our own business. Travel. To be more patient. To develop self-compassion. Increase self-care. Understand ourselves.

Sometimes we kind of want our idea, to be over there. Other times we burn for it. But what keeps us from actually getting there? Read More

The best 15 minutes in your days


We all have dreams. Ideals. Goals. Some of us are fully aware of them, and to others of us they may appear less obvious. We can spot them as we say, “When I retire I will ___________.” Other times they can be found through our “three-, five-, and ten-year plans.” Whether we describe them specifically that way or simply hold a sense of that.

Ask yourself, what is it that you dream of for your life?

Next ask yourself: What are your current habits?

Are you giving more attention to your habits, or your dreams?

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How can you change your habits now, to point you toward your dream? And if the word change is throwing you, try this: Read More

A new day, year, and decade

winter heavy snow scene with the beginnings of a pink sunrise through the branches of trees.

There is far more right with us than wrong with us.

Anything good can happen.

When we give our attention to how we want to feel — as an outcome of a goal, intention, or resolution — then our paths and our results become one and the same.

What would you like to turn toward?

Blessings to us all.

Sunrise through trees over a lake.

Merry Everything

Full wineglass in the foreground focus, snowy woods in the background out the window. A deer in the midground is walking closer.

Christmas. Winter Holidays. Longer daylight hours. Work successes. Personal achievements. Gathering. Friendship. Family. A love of a lifetime.

Everything. Right where we are.

Contentment. Deep, abiding Holy Ahhhhh…..

Of course, and thank You.

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Routine is resistance to wonder


routine is resistance to wonder

There’s a lot to be said for being comfortable. If I had to choose between living in a constant state of homeostasis and living in a constant state of fight, flight, or freeze…? Well, duh. We all know what stress does to the human body (let alone mind) over time.

Medical findings and common sense aside, being constantly comfortable is not actually the goal. Here are some other ways to say “comfortable”:

  • familiar
  • Old Patterns
  • routine
  • autopilot
  • we’ve always done it this way
  • mindless (as opposed to mindful)

Think about this: Are my familiar patterns and routines still serving me? Or am I comfortable simply because they’re familiar?

What if it’s less about being comfortable, and more about gliding through it all with ease and joy? Discomfort is not the same as being in a state of stress. Noticing, and being with, a discomfort can be very enlightening. In an easy and joyful way.

So take a different route. Allow yourself to be a little hungry. Try a different movie. Stay up a little later — or, go to bed a little earlier. Take a risk. Make that call. Say yes. Or, this time say no. Where can you find the wonder with yourself today?

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