This practice agrees with you

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As I practice periodic mindful sessions of being agreeable, I experienced an AHA about myself so huge that I had to sit down. It helped me make sense of and have greater compassion for myself, leveled-up. (Which of course is then also projected toward others.) And it’s regarding wanting to be understood, and people-pleasing.

These two are actually the same thing.

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On being agreeable

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As I practice random daily bouts of being agreeable, I discover more about what being agreeable is, and what it is not. Here is what I am learning:

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Practices similar AF*

*Agreeable (being this) and Forgiveness (doing this)

So it occurs to me that the benefits of being agreeable are amazingly similar to the benefits of forgiveness.

Here’s from the previous post, on being agreeable. Now, consider this through the lens of forgiveness:

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The practice of being agreeable

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There’s a practice I’ve heard of, where you are simply agreeable for a day.

Okay, okay — maybe that’s better described as a challenge. (I’ll bet someone in your life popped into your head there. Maybe it’s your own self. I see you.)

Either way, the idea is that we purposefully, mindfully, and consciously choose to respond with being agreeable. To everyone. To everything.

No, this does not automatically turn us into a Yes-Person for the day. In being agreeable, we don’t have to agree with — that is not actually the goal outcome. In being agreeable, we are creating space and possibility in which to become open, receptive, expansive, connecting. We can bring our Yes if it is authentic. Otherwise we can bring our neutrality. We just stop bringing our rulings; we don’t reign on the parade.

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Remembering what’s important

Are you in a stage of things spinning up in your life? Or, are you in a period of rest in between? Life cycles on.

Currently, I am emerging from a time of relative rest (pondering the big-picture, next-chapter desires) and literally moving into a time of uber-busy (we just sold our house).

Have you ever experienced that when you’re really needed for your own life, some parts of that can feel overwhelming and frustrating?

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I’ve found that when I’m spinning plates, juggling balls, and herding kittens, it helps to remember what’s important.

And then I re-found this, from Kate Northrup. Regardless of where you’re at and what’s going on for you, I invite you to read this beautiful piece and be nourished.

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