Handing it over. For real.

Surrender, faith, and trust: it’s easy when nothing at stake is staring me in the face, but how about when my whole body is bursting with wanting to orchestrate, manage, and control? Sure, I can give examples of the amazingness that happens when I do practice Divine hand-offs — but how do I actually do this? What does it look like, in practice?

I was really in the throes of falling off of the Let God Do This wagon, in the interest of being responsible for (a serious situation in) my life. A miracle happened to help me see to stay the surrendered faith course. And of course, the amazing resolution unfolded. (You can read the story of this synopsis, here.)

Did you notice that the miracle was my spiritual head-butt, and NOT the outcome? The results were indeed phenomenal, but my miracle was in my personal pivot point. Just saying…

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My spiritual head-butt

Letting go of struggle, orchestration, and working to create outcomes is not same thing as giving up self-responsibility and expecting the world to take care of me. I know this. And yet, I’m still learning this. I had another opportunity to practice very recently, and my whole darn experience was nothing short of amazing.

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Mindfulness at play

Photo by Kelvin Valerio on Pexels.com

When I was a kid,

I remember my mom

cleaning house furiously

and midway through,

sitting down in the living room

on the cracked

naugahyde couch

with a cup of hot coffee

and a lit cigarette,

falling silent,

staring into


This was my introduction

to meditation.

Geri Wilimek, We Sit

Meditation cushions, classes, and structured events are great. They provide a framework as we turn toward mindfulness. What are some other ways we might also pause with intention?

Go for a walk (without earbuds). Listen to the rain on the roof (with the TV off). Spend some time in a chair (with no screens or books).

Just be, for a moment. Or two. Be not afraid to just be with your own self. And see what arrives — or doesn’t.

Don’t worry, this is not laziness. Pausing is not irresponsibility. No worries that we’ll turn into slackers. But dare I say there might be a lesson in here for me about standing down, about finding balance?

Attention. Intention. Application. Reflection. Introspection. Contemplation. Intervention. Suspension. Perception. Ascension.



Welcome home.

How might a moment of mediation look, today? I will practice being present while brushing my teeth. What will you try?

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This practice agrees with you

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As I practice periodic mindful sessions of being agreeable, I experienced an AHA about myself so huge that I had to sit down. It helped me make sense of and have greater compassion for myself, leveled-up. (Which of course is then also projected toward others.) And it’s regarding wanting to be understood, and people-pleasing.

These two are actually the same thing.

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On being agreeable

Photo by Andres Ayrton on Pexels.com

As I practice random daily bouts of being agreeable, I discover more about what being agreeable is, and what it is not. Here is what I am learning:

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