When “ease and joy” feels far away

Stay afraid, but do it anyway.

Do it anyway.

See it anyway.

Trust it anyway.

It is there for you any way.

Mother Theresa quote

When do you find you need extra faith? Are they predictable situations, or are you blindsided? Or both?


Make good choices



Yep, that’s a dinosaur meat cutting chart in there. Sometimes in the moment what we think is prime is really our old, extinct patterns. In that case, consider choosing again.

How do you know if you are making good choices? By how you feel.

In continuing our celebration of attending to the best parts of what is happening, here’s a revisit of a prime choice that made the cut. Enjoy!

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Choose the choice parts

unicorn choice cuts

Just for today, give the best parts of what is happening significantly more of your attention.

No matter what is happening.

No matter what others around you are giving their attention to.

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Gratitude is not ignorance


Have you ever had someone tell you that in seeing the good side of things, you are actually ignoring what is really there? That you’re pretending, burying your head in the sand, sticking your fingers in your ears?

You’re not.

Here’s what you are doing: Read More

One simple action, SO much abundance!

german shepherd under covers

I recently discovered a simple, new way to start my day that it is making a huge positive difference in my life. I absolutely recommend it to anyone. And everyone!

It takes five seconds. You don’t even have to get out of bed first. In fact, it’s actually important that you don’t!

For a radical re-shift toward daily ease and joy, try this miraculously simple gratitude action: Read More

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