Perception and Experience


When your loved ones are seeing through a lens of frustration and negativity, do you help them see another way by sharing your perspective of optimism and light?

How does that go for you? For myself, I have noticed that as a species we seem to have an underwhelming appreciation for being offered a way out of wallowing when we didn’t request it.  (Myself included. How about you?) In the past I’ve used some helpful approaches to keep me sane in this situation, but the other day I learned one that blew my mind, leveled me up, and elevated not only myself but my relationship. Read More



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Love yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to love you. Don’t wait until you lose weight, find the love of your life, or get that dream job. The time is NOW, just as you are. You are enough. If you hold ANY story that gets in the way of you loving yourself, let it go. Rewrite your story.

–Carrie-Anne Moss, Fierce Grace Collective

Happy New Year:

Resolve to know that you are already whole.

Much, much love to you.

Blessed be. Read More

Decadence and Joy

I’ve always been crazy but it’s kept me from going insane.

— Waylon Jennings

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Neutral Is Not Negative


You may have gathered this by now, but my natural response to people and situations is one that’s positive. Sometimes, annoyingly so:

The water softener finally bit the dust, and we woke up to water spilling all over the floor? Well, gee, isn’t it great that we were home and able to stop it before the whole thing emptied?

Unexpected strangers come to the door to share scripture just as I arrive home inside to a surprise dog accident and intensely barking guardians? Hey, isn’t this a perfect reason to stay outside, in sub-freezing temperatures, for a gracious and very short interaction?

The budget took a hit by installing a new septic drain field? Yes, but isn’t it awesome that we only had to put in a new mound system, the tanks and lines didn’t need to be replaced?

Things could always be worse. And yet… Read More

From Fine to Fabulous During this Season

Today is a timely re-post, in support of our self-care during the holidays. At this time last year, I was asked to teach a couple of regional workshops based on this post. Those who attended found it illuminating, deeply heart-opening, and I still hear from folks about that day, today. I am honored.

Explore through “Redefining Fine,” below. Then ask yourself:

What about my holiday, this year, would make me feel fabulous?

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