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Okay, here we go: Who are the people in your life who have hurt you the most? Maybe they’re alive, maybe they’re not — for this personal reflection that’s not the point. (The point isn’t about getting all riled up about it, as you will shortly see, so don’t be afraid to really go here.)

If you’re human, you’ve been hurt. At some point. By someone. Some of our wounds are deep. It’s within here that we repress aspects of ourselves. Did I give pause about answering the initial question? We disassociate from some parts of ourselves. I focus on my present, not on ancient history. We neglect and disown these parts of our psyches. Never mind! I’m going to focus on the positive. In shamanic terms, this is “soul loss.”

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Acting on our internal dramas

theater drama faces

What do you really like about yourself at this moment? Take a moment to seriously consider this. Think of the little stuff, and the big stuff.

I really like my freckles. I appreciate that I care so much about others. I like that I’m a good listener.

What do you really . . . not so much like . . . about yourself at this moment? It’s okay, none of us have reached perfection.

I’m not a fan of my crooked fourth toe. I wish I knew my own needs more clearly. Why do I tolerate others’ verbal tirades?

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The devil’s not in the details; God is


Okay, so I’m really digging this expanded direct-connection with God thing. Although it’s been a concept I’ve appreciated in my life for a long time, when I actually attend to it — regularly — then the Divine buzz really levels up.

Invoking the Divine directly as needed is a good thing. This is like being together while getting a medical checkup, taking the puppy in for its booster shots, or getting an oil change on the car.

Please help me pass my driver’s license eye exam. Thank You for sending that kind person who stopped to help when I had a flat tire. Wow, my job has been going really well lately.

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Holding hands with the Divine

holding hands with the Divine

What is keeping you from having a closer, more intimate relationship with a Divine Presence? (Also known as God, the Universe, the FP [Field of Potentiality], Holy Spirit, stunt double, personal butler, etc.) Do you hold the concept that you created as a child? Does that still serve you?

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How Wayne’s World helped me find a state of grace


What is humility? I had always thought it meant realizing that I’m human, imperfect.

Now I have a fuller understanding of humility.

It’s a state of grace. One in which we not only realize that we are human and imperfect, we allow for that. We love and accept our human selves, in the face of our imperfections.

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