Easily Increase Your Abundance With This Simple Action

three fingers painted like happy people, together

Do you randomly receive hits to do spontaneous acts of kindness?

For example, when it crosses your mind at a drive-through window how great it would be to pay for the meal of the person behind you.

Or, as you walk out to get your package from the UPS driver you realize that a water or juice from your fridge might make their day.

How about when you pick up your produce at the family fruit/veggie stand, and it occurs to you to add a buck or two just because.

We get these thoughts often. However, we usually act on them sporadically, rarely, or not at all. We’re selective with our generosity, afraid of compromising our own abundance by giving too much of it away.

But here’s the surprising thing about abundance: It’s not really about the “stuff.”
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Radical Enoughness

female mallard standing on snow

In a defiant response to our April snowstorm I unpacked my tote of summer clothing.

You see, in my cozy-house world I have seasonal clothing rotation. Fall/winter and spring/summer attire take turns living between the available drawers/closet and storage totes. Sorta like a trousseau timeshare. And although the cacophony of frogs outside has suddenly silenced in response to a surprise return to near-freezing temps, breaking out my sandals is soothing to my spring snow snarkiness.

Woman throwing clothes in overflowing laundry room

And — bonus!  As I unpacked and organized, I made a breakthrough connection.
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Secretly Genius Motivational Message

Collage of Albert Einstein, Wayne Dyer, Marie Forleo, and book cover of Ask and Is Given, to represent Abraham

What do Albert Einstein, Wayne Dyer, Abraham, and Marie Forleo have in common? A genius motivational message.

Let’s face it. We all need a little boost sometimes, a gentle kick in the pants to get us moving. We receive the great ideas, the inspirations, the downloads, but we sometimes become bogged down with what to do with them from there. We get the What, but we haven’t figured out the How.

Here is a simple yet effective process to move our ideas from theory into reality:
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The Dark Side of Selflessness

Darth Vader

It’s my nature to take others’ needs into account. A big part of Life, after all, isn’t about me, it’s about what I can contribute. How we can make the world a better place for ourselves and for those around us. There are many similarly-minded folks out there, and reading this you are likely one of them.

Sometimes this shows up for us as hosting the family gathering. Other times it’s picking up the tab. Could be it’s dog sitting for the weekend. Maybe it’s quietly changing plans in order to enjoy the surprise company. No matter what the form of the outcome is, our first response is Yes, I’d Be Happy To Do That. And, we truly mean it. It really is at no personal detriment, and it actually makes us happy to help others feel good.

Hang on there Vader, there is a dark side to our selflessness.
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Self-Improvement Is A Farce

For a long time now, I have seriously appreciated self-improvement books, courses, and materials. Sometimes I wonder if I single-handedly power this global economic industry… For example, I’m currently practicing how to improve my relationships (with friends, loved ones, money, myself) through clearing myself.

And then I had an Aha Moment. The kind that made me sit down with my disequilibrium while the world reset itself on its new axis.

Self-improvement is unnecessary.
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