Life is not a linear path

For those of us who are going along nicely and then find ourselves experiencing, “What just happened here?!?”, I offer comfort in community. We are not alone. And we are, actually, right on track. Because Life is not supposed to be the straight line that it isn’t, anyway.

Today we have a guest author — Todd, Founder of Dry Farm Wines. This comes from the company’s latest newsletter, and is shared here with permission. Salud!

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Thoughts become things

What we focus on, grows.

(A pause, while I consider where my attention has been — of late, today, and in this very moment.)

And I intentionally choose, now.

What have your thoughts been on?

Re-minding myself

Our resting set point for our spirits is actually at “lifted.” This is our natural state, not something to have to strive for. And yet, sometimes I need a reminder that this is so. Here’s a short list of just some of the things in my life that help me to remember:

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Working it over

The vacuum filter that I cleaned isn’t dry yet, so the vacuum cleaner won’t work; I can’t clean up the tracked-in sand.

Both of us are drawing a blank as far as meals to plan this week; I can’t make an effective grocery list.

The webinar recording isn’t loading this evening; I can’t watch that professional development piece.

It feels like all the things are thwarting me, at the end of this full day. I can’t seem to do any of the last of my tasks, and I am getting spun up in the frustration. Am I the only one who experiences this? Surely not…

Nothing is working for me. Apparently, I’m supposed to rest right now.




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Driving my day

Reality is a mental construct —

make yours joyful.

pam grout

I’m tending to my reality, today. Yes, I’ve got situations and circumstances — but what’s even greater are the qualities of feeling. And how we feel is very real.

Maybe today I want my reality to be, say, peaceful. So I choose this for my quality, which then comes to the forefront of all of my situations. Instead of focusing on my overwhelming task list, I put all of my attention on the one thing I do at a time. I am peacefully washing the dishes rather than frantically thinking about my upcoming meetings. I am calmly and fully present in the meetings when they arrive, making great creative progress on the projects, rather than just checking mental boxes and spinning up mentally about what I need to make for dinner. The expected Amazon delivery didn’t come? I don’t let it ruin my day. Dude cuts me off in traffic? I remember that it’s not a personal attack. (And seriously, so what if it is? I don’t have to bite back.) And at the end of my day, not only did I do the things on my task list, but I also felt amazing all the way through. It’s not only about our What, it’s actually all about our How.

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