Happiness is not circumstantial

green, blue, and purple northern lights gently flowing in the night sky

Happiness is not circumstantial. And the only currency we have is gratitude.

Nathan, S6 E11 of Alone

Nathan was one of three remaining people in this recent season of the History Channel’s acclaimed series AloneIf you haven’t experienced this show, it’s about ten individuals getting dropped off in remote locations. The one who doesn’t tap out, wins. What I appreciate about the show is not only the survival skills and thriving, but also the mental and emotional processes participants share throughout their own video recording of their adventure.

*Spoiler Alert for Season 6!*

Nathan’s words, above, came as a result of  Read More

Begin Again


Each day is a do-over. A re-start. A try again. A new beginning.

This awareness is a lovely mini-ritual of self-care. Like a daily shower. Or morning coffee.

What in your life could use a…? Nope. Today, Read More

Back to the Basics


Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I not be angry.

Just for today, I will do my inner work.

Just for today, I will be kind to others.

Just for today, I will appreciate my many blessings.

stacked stones on beach

Ahhh. Of course, and thank you.

Each day we begin again. This happens whether we are paying attention, or not. How would you like to feel today? Start there.


Update your vision Rx

kids glasses joy

How do you view potentially annoying situations?

  • Your sleep is interrupted by your dog licking your face.
  • You forgot your baking dish at your friend’s house.
  • The coffeepot in the break room is empty.

What if you could see it a different way?

  • You are welcomed into a morning by someone completely overjoyed about YOU.
  • You receive a bonus visit with your friend when you retrieve your pan.
  • Celebrating your health, you got in some extra movement, and you decide to have water instead.

How we see anything, changes everything.

–Meggan Watterson, Mary Magdalene Revealed

See not with the eyes of the head, but with the eye of the heart. The eye of the heart is the vision of our soul.

At every point in our day we can choose to see with either eye. It’s in these choice points where we meet God.

Change your vision, and see the Divine that has always been here within you.

What’s annoying you today? How can you instead view it through the eye of your heart?


summer shandy

lemon wearing sunglasses

mona lisa with sunglasses

For a perspective shift, cue this drama llama.

llama emoji

Sometimes we find ourselves getting all caught up in our drama. And it’s often stupid stuff, too:

  • Can somebody just give a straight answer to our work question?
  • We finally order an item we need to replace, and it’s discontinued.
  • The only day this week we have to mow the lawn turns into a rainstorm.
  • Date night? What’s that?
  • How can there possibly be THIS many inconsiderate drivers on the road today?!?

It’s like we’re holding a bouquet of beautiful roses, but all we notice are the thorns digging into our hands. So we Read More

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