Put On Your Joy Goggles

joy goggles

Live in joy. Find the fun.

I’m not talking about being constantly blissed out here, but… Read More

Baby, You’re A Firework

firework explosion with a joyous leaping person silhouette in foreground

You have a right to use your Voice.

You have a responsibility to use it with kindness and respect.

Be authentic. Take up space.

Share your light with others. As a candle. As the fullest of moons. As lightning.

When we live our own light, we inspire others to live theirs. Together, we illuminate the world.

How My Shower Door Changed My Life

Anticipatory shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho.

No, I’m not psycho.

I hate my shower door.

You’re probably thinking, like me, that hate is a pretty strong word. I don’t usually use it.

But — you don’t live with my shower door. Read More

Out, Out Darned Spot

Lady MacBeth Hand Soap

I’ve been walking by these two products at a local home improvement store for the past couple weeks, and I can NOT stop chuckling: Read More

On Wanting More…


Sometimes I become confused with being happy where I am versus desiring more.  It’s easy to think that being spiritual means we simply accept our circumstances. We do, but I now understand that acceptance is of awareness, grace, and growth — not of stagnation.

When my children were very small, my kitchen lighting was so dark that I cooked with a flashlight in my teeth in order to be able to see inside the pot. It was only during the dark months of the year (which in northern Minnesota are about 9)… Read More

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