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It’s Okay to Get What You Want; Here’s How.

What if our best interest is to realize nothing is missing? —Pam Grout What are you working toward in your life? What’s missing? What do you wish you had more of? As creative, ever-expanding beings, we are great problem-solvers and self-improvement enthusiasts. Overcoming and surviving are badges of honor, and we are superb at fixing […]

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You don’t have to go all-out; you have to just go.

Have you ever wanted to begin something new and interesting — a new exercise habit, a different way of eating, a hobby — but it felt so huge that you postponed starting? We’ve heard before that all we have to do is just…start. It’s simple, it’s true, and yet… it’s not always easy. Well, I’ve […]

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Creating Space

In a fit of winter catharsis, I cleaned out the storeroom. Let me first clarify that I absolutely adore my cozy home. I’m grateful that the upstairs log walls are not covered and hidden by extra separated areas. They’re beautiful, and they hold and radiate a lot of warmth when exposed. Downstairs, our optimized basement […]

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You are more than your _____ .

You are more than the condition of your wardrobe. You are more than your hairstyle. You are more than your age or other demographics. You are more than your very real aches and pains. You are more than your high school experience. You are more than your job description. You are more than what you […]

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A Stunning Reminder of Trust and Faith

Male pine grosbeak in author's hand, with author's German Shepherd's snout touching bird's head.

THUNK! We get a lot of birds hitting our windows. Most of the impacts are gentle hiccups in otherwise continuing flight patterns. However, sometimes there’s an intensity to the sound that makes us fly out of our seats and immediately launch into Bird Rescue mode. And I had just heard it.

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