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Love wealth

Recognizing the abundance of love in our lives is such a feel-good! We instantly soften when we think of our loved ones, and maybe actually even smile a bit on the outside too. My guess is that your favorite person in the world has already come to mind. (Mine, too.) And then, the next and […]

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Time wealth

I actually have a lot of time. I have 24 hours every day. I have 60 minutes every hour. Further, I have 60 seconds every minute. And so do you. And yet, it’s very easy to feel like there’s not enough time. When will I get the house cleaned? I would love to learn how […]

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A wealth of abundance

I’ve noticed A Thing about abundance and wealth. Many of us spiritual types are all over the word Abundance, but we shy away from the word Wealth. As if money is somehow not included in abundance. Abundance? That’s all about the qualitites of expansion, plentifulness, bounty, prosperity. As in, feeling abundant with love, friends, joy, […]

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