Life-changing advice:

“Buy your underwear one size larger.” If you wear underwear, trust me — just try this. Let go of the label, and celebrate your body and soul with comfort. Cut the label off, even. There’s no label on love. Try this with one pair, and see what kind of difference it makes for you. Which […]

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My Own Oblivion

Something happened the other day that I’m still processing. Sitting in the car in the parking lot of the store, my husband and I sat scrolling through our phone pictures. We were looking for the image of the part that we needed from this  store. The longer we sat there, the more this interesting event […]

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To the Woman Who Stopped Me in the Hair Products Aisle Yesterday

To you: the wonderful stranger who, acknowledging that we didn’t know each other and would likely never again cross paths, asked my opinion on the box of hair color you were considering. Please know that I gave the auburn color portrayed on the box thoughtful attention, along with your complexion and ponytailed brunette hair, before giving my resounding […]

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