E-cubedAs if E-Squared wasn’t enough, E-Cubed is Pam Grout’s follow-up book on daily applications of proving to ourselves that we do, in fact, create our own reality each and every day.  Yep, that’s right: that’s actually my own self I am talking to, literally, when I say, “Go ahead…make my day.”

Dirty Harry remind us to give each day our best shot
Give each day your best shot

In E-Cubed, there are nine more experiments to easily play with that prove we are each individual manifestation mavens. They are simple yet profound, and you will feel your individual power, universal connection, and inherent cosmic value just as you are. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Each chapter is Manifestation 201 to the previous book’s Manifestation 101. This time there are again helpful lab sheets to help you prove, track, and understand your experience. There are also a ton of nifty quotes, which are helpful, connecting, and applicable.  With the addition of anecdotal stories from the general population’s sharing of their first book’s experiences, the reader gets a broader perspective of just what can happen for their own self.

It’s not necessary to have read the first book before reading this one — but you would really be missing out on some other amazing stuff, so I encourage you to read both. Pam’s writing style is personable and engaging.  After reading this book, I want to hang out with her even more, and together turn water into wine.

I received this book from Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it. Honestly, when this title became available I was so excited that I could barely stay inside my own skin!  And it did not disappoint.  Thanks, Pam.  Thanks, Hay House.

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A Cloak of Awesomeness

When I’m overwhelmed, stressed, and threatened, I put on my Cloak of Awesomeness and flow through.  In it I stand taller, smile wider, and am able to continue moving forward.

Surrounded by an epidemic of apathy? Infiltrated by crabby colleagues? Attacked by social honey badgers? Bathed in my Cloak of Awesomeness I sail through situations unscathed, the malefaction repelled and my positive nature protected.

Everyone has one, this Cloak of Awesomeness. And no matter what you might think, it does not live in the back of your closet, hidden by that favorite shirt from seventeen years ago that you no longer wear but can’t bear to let go of. (PS, it’s not actually the shirt that we are really hanging on to here….)

Your Cloak of Awesomeness is always at the front of your closet, the top of your drawer. It is always the right color, it is always the perfect fit.  It goes with everything.  And, you look amazing in it.

If you’re anything like me, you just have to remember that you have it.  And then, just put it on.

The beautiful thing is, once you realize that you have a Cloak of Awesomeness, you are immediately already wearing it.  Even if you thought that you left the house without it.

But it never hurts to put it on again when needed….

Arwen's Cloak
Arwen’s Cloak
Connor's Cloak
Connor’s Cloak
Jedi Cloaks
Jedi Master Cloaks
LEGO Hobbit Cloaks
LEGO Hobbit Cloaks
Picture of Harry Potter in his invisibility cloak
Harry Potter’s Cloak. You don’t have to hide, though.

Where in your life will your own Cloak of Awesomeness benefit you?

Gonna be late, Mom–car on fire.

My husband and I were dozing in bed with our phones on the nightstands, only half-asleep until our high school sons returned home safely.  It’s common (and expected!) practice in our home to keep in touch by texting: they send a heads-up before they leave for home, we appreciate the respect, and they get to go out again in the future.  This particular night one son was returning from a closing shift at work, the other from an out-of-town baseball game.

Sophomore Son sends his message: Heading home.

Me The Mom replies: See you soon!  Watch out for deer.

Said son arrives home, checks in with us face-to-face, goes to bed, and the house settles again into semi-slumber.

Senior Son sends his message: Stopped at farm down the road. Car on fire.

Me The Mom flies out of bed, instantly awake and exclaiming “WHAT?!?”

Hero Hubby is now also awake, asking me what’s going on.  I read the text aloud to him in a daze, then rush upstairs out of our basement bedroom for better cell phone reception. At the top of the stairs I place the call to Senior Son.

Voicemail is not a reassuring option in these circumstances.  Just saying.

Hero Hubby arrives calmly upstairs, fully dressed. “Any more info?” he smoothly asks as he reaches for the truck keys on his way out the door.

“No!” I reply as I frantically stab out a text: Just called. Can’t get through. Call asap.

“Well, at least we know where he’s at.  I’ll go take a look,” Hero Hubby says as the door gently sighs shut behind him. I continue pounding out messages:

Me The Mom: Call.  Are you okay?  Call now.

No response.  To be fair, I gave it a very long wait of an eternal seven seconds.  All right, probably five. At the most.

Me The Mom: Call. Now. Dad is on his way. Are you okay??  Call.

I was working on the next steadily intensifying message when Senior Son’s call came through. Sweet relief at an actual voice, and God bless technology.

It turns out his car wasn’t on fire at all: however, a van that had hit a deer head-on and then tried to continue driving, was.  (No one was hurt.  Well…no people were hurt….) A roadblock had been set up by the police, fire trucks, and ambulance, and no one was getting through.  Our son was simply trying to let us know that he was going to be later than anticipated, and he didn’t want us to worry.

Not worry, with that message?!?

To be fair, his first words upon coming through the door back home were, “I am so sorry!  I reread the text and can totally see how you thought it could be me!  But, um, Mom, if my car was on fire…don’t you think I would have called instead of texted?!?”

All bets are off with teenagers.  And mothers of such.

image from Google Images, creative commons
What I had in my Mama head…which actually is very close to what happened.

Necessity Is One Mother of an Inventor


I think we’re all pretty familiar with this phrase, even if we didn’t know to attribute it to Plato:

Plato's observation
Plato’s observation

I also appreciate the offshoots–most notably by Schoolhouse Rock and the creator of Calvin and Hobbes.

Three minutes well-spent
Three minutes well-spent to watch!



Friendship awesomeness
Friendship awesomeness
Bill Watterson's thought
Bill Watterson’s boy and tiger escapades

But honestly, this has been my own experience–may it help you find your strength and wisdom when needed, as well:

my experience

Bed and Breakfast

bedded deer
Bed and Breakfast

This yearling is the smartest deer in our resident herd outside our window.

Not only does this spread-out alfalfa bale provide food, the heat it continues to generate has melted the snow from underneath by over a foot.  This little doe happily munched and dozed until the others found her out.

The teenagers in my home think she is a genius for figuring out how to eat and nap at the same time.