Remembering what’s important

Are you in a stage of things spinning up in your life? Or, are you in a period of rest in between? Life cycles on. Currently, I am emerging from a time of relative rest (pondering the big-picture, next-chapter desires) and literally moving into a time of uber-busy (we just sold our house). Have you […]

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You Are Worth This.

Getting sidetracked by tasks today was an unexpected gift. I found buried treasure in my email.  And it’s so great,  I must share it. This is for anyone who has ever desired anything. This is for those who have made their requests, as well as for those who have not spoken. And, this is for anyone […]

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Money, A Love Story

Money A Love Story is a phenomenal book by Kate Northrup. This financial guidance is elevated through its unique approach: loving yourself equates to abundance in your financial life.  In other words, your money ain’t all about the money, honey. Now, before you start thinking that this is a woo-hoo book telling you that all you […]

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