Let fly

You are here to fly at full wingspan. Marianne Williamson, via Pam Grout’s The Course In Miracles Experiment Don’t hold back. Stop limiting ourselves. No longer automatically dimming ourselves when the room is already squinting at daylight. Stretching our wings out all the way does not mean we will knock things, or others, over with […]

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100+ Free Inspirational Audio and Video Lessons

I’m so excited–the second annual Hay House World Summit begins May 7! This is a free offering of audio lessons, videos, and movies by an extensive variety of experts in the field of wisdom, inner knowing, inspirational thinking, and flat-out upgrading your life. Personally, I’m not going to miss the ones from Caroline Myss, Dr. […]

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The Age of Miracles

Yaay!  This is what I was looking for when I gave Do Not Go Quietly a whirl.  Lesson learned: go straight to Marianne Williamson.  Every time. The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife Related articles Prayer for Happiness: Marianne Williamson ( Marian Williamson Takes a Modern Spiritual Path ( “What You Think is What You Get” […]

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