Everyday Meditations

    I’ve spent the last year trying something new, which ended up taking me away from posting regularly here: I’ve been journaling. Oh, sure, I’ve dabbled with a journal in the past–but nothing like this. I’m talking about a regular practice. Showing up daily. Allowing enough time for it to unfold in its own […]

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Big Magic

Please pause whatever you are doing right now and go order this book. It is THE biggest support for you as a human being, no matter what your occupation or hobbies are. You don’t have to be recognized as an Artist by others to consider yourself creative.  If you are here experiencing life, then you are […]

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Be the Best You

“Be the best caterpillar you can be until you are called upon to be something different.”   —Rev. Dr. Bob Luckin November 2013 Daily Guides, Science of Mind

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