The best 15 minutes in your days

We all have dreams. Ideals. Goals. Some of us are fully aware of them, and to others of us they may appear less obvious. We can spot them as we say, “When I retire I will ___________.” Other times they can be found through our “three-, five-, and ten-year plans.” Whether we describe them specifically […]

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The art of balance

In the spirit of our creative endeavors meshing with our life situations, consider prioritizing. How do we balance the two? Mesh [mesh]; synonyms: combine, connect, coordinate, dovetail, harmonize, engage, interlock, muddle, snare, tangle, twist . . .

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Your Truth Is Waiting for You

I am a writer. It has taken me my whole life to claim this. I used to think that in order to call myself a writer it meant credentials and a paying job in the field.  That its importance and validity came from an external end product.  That proof of being a writer was tied […]

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