The best 15 minutes in your days


We all have dreams. Ideals. Goals. Some of us are fully aware of them, and to others of us they may appear less obvious. We can spot them as we say, “When I retire I will ___________.” Other times they can be found through our “three-, five-, and ten-year plans.” Whether we describe them specifically that way or simply hold a sense of that.

Ask yourself, what is it that you dream of for your life?

Next ask yourself: What are your current habits?

Are you giving more attention to your habits, or your dreams?

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How can you change your habits now, to point you toward your dream? And if the word change is throwing you, try this:

What habit can you create now, to allow space for your dream?

Let’s say you need more money in order to go on a trip. A possible habit to change is to check your spending. A new habit to create could be, ask yourself at every purchase to rank it on a scale of 1-10. How do you feel about spending money on that item in this moment? How much do you need or want that item, now?

Perhaps your dream is to be a visual artist. A possible habit to change is waiting until you have both inspiration and a larger chunk of time in order to express it. You could get into the habit of practicing your art a small bit every day, just for yourself. Playing with it. Sketch one little picture a day. On a napkin, even. Draw your grocery list. You are already creating space for your one-day dream to enter your life, in the now.

Bonus round: to catapult realizing your dream through your supporting habit, also adopt supportive language. Before you begin, even. Say, “I draw” instead of “I want to be an artist.” Speak of “I’m saving money for a trip” rather than “I’d like to go on a trip.”  Own it before you’ve reached it, and you’ve become it.

Tell yourself that you can easily find 15 minutes a day to (insert dream verb here). Then do it. Just for yourself.

Recognize your habits of being, and then shift them to support your dreams.

Our habits define and shape our lives. Why not intentionally create habits that shape, create, and birth our dreams?

The only thing we have to lose is missing out on them.

You get what you think about. Whether you want it or not.

–Wayne Dyer

You make your choices by your attention to things.


So now ask yourself again: What is it that you dream of for your life? You can always find 15 minutes to explore this, today.

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