How to get from here to there: A commitment to your self.

emerald swallowtail butterfly sitting on a leafy brancy

Growing. Transforming. Leveling up. Change. We all have things we’d like to be, do, or have that are different from where we’re at. We often call them goals. Sometimes we call them dreams. Either way, we’re looking at life from where we are (here) to where we want to be (there).

A new job. A move across the country. To open our own business. Travel. To be more patient. To develop self-compassion. Increase self-care. Understand ourselves.

Sometimes we kind of want our idea, to be over there. Other times we burn for it. But what keeps us from actually getting there?

Our ego.

Don’t get me wrong, the ego is not evil. She is here to help navigate me through my life, and her job is to keep me safe. And she erroneously believes that safety means stasis. Status quo. Old patterns. The familiar. The comfortable.

Change, even good change, is threatening. Scary. Dangerous. And therefore against the ego’s protective programming. So we stay where we are. When living through our ego’s loving support and protection, we dream and we visualize and we name goals and we plan — but we never take more than a step toward them. One foot is kept in the doorway of where we are, we never fully cross over the threshold.

Again, it’s not evil, it’s just our advisor operating from a professional but very narrow viewpoint. If your job is to protect, everything looks like a threat.

Getting from here to there is moving from ego agenda to soul purpose. It’s not really about the external manifestations, it’s about learning and living from the soul — which then results in the awesome goals, dreams, and desires. To get from here to there is a soul journey.

How do we do this? We begin by making a commitment to ourselves. We commit to uncovering, recovering, discovering, and remembering why we are here. Continually show up for yourself, to continue to learn moving from ego’s limiting protection agenda to soul’s expansive guiding purpose.

I commit to regularly showing up for myself. I want to live even more fully from Spirit, in Divine connection and service, in my physical walk through life. Love, not fear.

What if we envisioned ourselves at a council table with all of our personality aspects as advisers? When the ego is strongly speaking, we can fully listen to the messages of safety and protection. And then we can say, “Thank you for your input. I will take that under consideration. Now you need to sit down.” This helps me to remember that I don’t have to fight my ego, that we’re actually in this together. That she’s not trying to usurp, she’s trying to save. That she’s not the ruler, I am. And what I Am, is my soul.

Are you the least bit interested in moving from where you are to where you want to be? Are you willing to commit to showing up for yourself, and learning gently to move from living small to being expansive?

book cover for 30 shamanic questions for humanity: from ego agenda to soul purpose...remembering the bigger picture. By Linda Star Wolf

Today is Day 1 of my being this student. I’m learning as I go, and am sharing my journey here. I want to live from a deeper version of myself, and I want to see that reflected in my relationships, my home, and my job. This is gonna be fun!

monarch butterfly migration. The clear blue sky is filled with butterflies, treetops are at the edges of the bottom and right side of the view, one butterfly is in the foreground while clouds of them are in the sky and trees.


remember who you are

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