FUN is a spiritual practice

Wow. Just, wow. Give this a seriously playful ten minutes, daily. I dare you. You will find your own holy shift.

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How to get from here to there: A commitment to your self.

Growing. Transforming. Leveling up.┬áChange. We all have things we’d like to be, do, or have that are different from where we’re at. We often call them goals. Sometimes we call them dreams. Either way, we’re looking at life from where we are (here) to where we want to be (there). A new job. A move […]

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Can I Get A “Heck, Yeah!”?

In a fit of awesomeness and expansion, I said Yes to… Everything. Yes to taking a workshop. Yes to teaching other ones. Yes to attending a retreat. Yes to hosting a getaway weekend. Yes to a week-long road trip. Yes to an out of town wedding reception. Yes to a conference for work. Yes to […]

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