Can I Get A “Heck, Yeah!”?


In a fit of awesomeness and expansion, I said Yes to… Everything.

Yes to taking a workshop. Yes to teaching other ones. Yes to attending a retreat. Yes to hosting a getaway weekend. Yes to a week-long road trip. Yes to an out of town wedding reception. Yes to a conference for work. Yes to a conference for fun. Yes to a winter warm getaway. Yes to meeting for dinner. Yes to attending an open house. Yes to hosting another one.

I found a lot of joy in the possibilities, and in saying Yes to the Universe.

However, now that my calendar is real — and here — I am not actually finding joy in carrying it all out. Make no mistake, each event on its own is fabulous. There’s Just. So. Many. And across such a short time span.

A few days ago I gave myself permission to consider letting go of the idea that I was trapped. That I had to do all of these things that were weighing on me. After all, I had said yes — and that does mean something. We learn our lessons for next time with our newfound awareness, but can we make changes now with it as well?

Whoa. I instantly got three shades lighter with that thought. When this happens, I know I’m being directly guided in that moment.

So I sat down, took a hard look at my calendar, and made some big decisions. And holy wow, I’m back to the joy of it all. Here is what helped me:

  1. List out all calendar events.
  2. If it’s a “Hell, yeah!”, do it.


In the end, I now have events and commitments that I am thrilled about. And I know why I am passing, at this time, on other fine opportunities. I once again feel joy in not only saying Yes and in actually living it out, but also in what I’ve said Not At This Time to.

Abundance comes in many forms. It felt abundant to say Yes, in its time. And then it didn’t. Distilled, focused, intentional and aware feels abundant, now.

But I wouldn’t have learned the second abundance if I hadn’t experienced the first. It would only have felt like lack, instead.


Of course, and thank you.

How does your calendar look lately? What are your “Hell, yeah!” days? A No to something is also a Yes to you.


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