Your Superpower Awaits

Wonder Woman

Most of us live our lives through our secret identity instead of standing in our superpower. It’s easy to think that we are born to be Diana Prince or Steve Rogers, instead of Wonder Woman or Captain America. And yet, we each have a universal superpower that awaits our discovery.

It’s the ability to choose.

Choosing how I feel. Choosing to be responsible for my own process, and not to take on anyone else’s. Choosing instead to hold space for, and stand in witness of, others’ processes. Choosing to respond, instead of react.

Am I angry for the rest of the day at the person who mindlessly cut me off in traffic? Or instead can I be mildly frustrated during the incident and then put it behind me?

Do I unknowingly withdraw my spirit into myself when a loved one is huffing and puffing around the house because their project is not going the way they wanted? Or instead can I bless them and send love from holding a place of quiet expansion?

What if I got to a place where such events triggered only amusement in the first place? Can I tell myself as it happens, “I’m really just trying not to laugh.” Because, really, all of this is indeed a choice.

Even deciding you have no choice — is actually a choice.


Choosing to enjoy my moment. Each moment. No matter what it happens to show up as. Choosing to show up for each moment, myself.

Choose. Choose again.

And again.

And again.

And discover how super a life actually chosen can truly be.





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