Share and Share A Like

child opening mouth and colors, shapes, creativity expressing out.

As a whole, we people have always needed to express ourselves to others. From cave walls to the Louvre. From telegraphing to texting. From social visits to social media.

Self-expression creates community. It’s also part of our self-awareness process.

When we share with others, we actually create ourselves. Because what we focus our attention on, grows. We are magnets, in that what we offer attracts more of the same right back at us.

Who do you want to be? Okay, that’s pretty huge. Let’s begin with, What kind of day do you wish to have today?

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt

The good news is that this is flexible. If you don’t like the current story of your life, or maybe just a particular chapter or passage, then change it. Begin by attending to how you visit and what you share with others.

When I describe a major event (such as a new job, empty nesting, or the passing of a parent) as going through a difficult time, then that’s exactly what it becomes. Yet when I describe the same situation as navigating a new normal, or charting change, or even maneuvering a milestone, I now have an entirely different experience of this life process. And I know which one feels better to me.

Beginning to make this switch is as simple as one word .  I can start with going from “What’s wrong?” to “What’s up?” 

What we pass along is who we become. What are you creating with your Likes and Shares? (Click to Tweet this. Yes, that’s irony.)

What we choose to share, defines who we are. C. Voyatzis
Did you have any Ahas? What would you like to attract more of in your life? Is it easier to forget to attend to what we express because of social media, or is it the same as when we did it over the phone or across the table from someone? Create yourself in the comments below. We’ll create ourselves together as we read and respond. 🙂

Rethinking Fine


Not the true definition, but the one we most use…


How do you respond when others ask about you?

  • Would you like anything to drink?
  • What do you want to eat for lunch?
  • Are you warm enough in the car?
  • Would you like a booth or a table?

I’ve discovered that most often people say, “I’m fine.” Myself included.

  • “No thanks, I’m fine.”
  • “I’m fine with wherever.”
  • “Oh, it’s fine back here.”
  • “Either is fine.”

Now, these sound innocuous, but notice what we are slowly doing to ourselves. On the one hand, we are being selfless, we don’t dictate, we take everyone’s opinions into account. There’s nothing wrong with this. But there is something else happening that erodes at us.
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Conscious Loving Ever After

conscious loving ever after This book by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks deeply explores just how much attending to our creativity creates a fabulous life, especially in our second half of it.

Midlife provides a beautiful opportunity for us to choose: am I going to settle into this life of comfortable patterns that I have created thus far, or am I going to play and recreate myself?

The layout of the book has a good flow. Chapters attend to both the qualities and tangibles of consciously choosing and expanding creativity: integrity, being fully  present, and overcoming fear share pages with sex, facing death, and online relationships.  Appendices provide activities to practice that build thriving selves and relationships. Further resources are also shared. The ideal and the practical hold hands in this book.

Although the layout and title lend themselves to a relationship manual, this book is also for singles. The most important relationship you can have is with yourself, and at its heart this read is about consciously creating your best Self first–which you then bring into relationship.

I recommend this book for anyone in midlife or beyond who wants to create their life on purpose, especially if you are either in a relationship or want to be in one. Between the concepts and the practices, you will be fully supported in your choice to play, recreate yourself, and thrive.  I for one am looking forward to my upcoming decades!

I received this book from Hay House through NetGalley, in exchange for my thoughts after reading it.