Looking it full in the face, from both sides.

It occurs to me that “busted” is a different word for awareness. As in, I’ve been kind of fooling myself and now I can actually see that.

I can’t concentrate on my work projects because the TV is too loud in our shared space, again? I’ve been hiding behind my accommodating nature instead of speaking up for my needs…

I’m not practicing my art because I don’t feel I have the time? I actually always have time for what I value…

I don’t yet sign up for the class series I’ve been wanting to participate in for two years because I hesitate on the expense? Oh, look at me — still not starting to set even five dollars aside for it…

Yikes. Busted. That doesn’t feel so good, time for a dose of self-compassion. However, the upside is that I can choose other handy words for awareness, too, that inherently do feel good to me:

Understanding. Realizing. Enlightening. Awakening. Becoming conscious. Leveling up.

Enlightenment is in my own palm

And you? Where in your life are you becoming more aware? Look at the people and situations that bug you. HINT: It’s not really them…

Its not easy being green.
The Moment of Aha!

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