Every. Day.

quote meme: you are being presented with two choices: evolve or repeat.

Not only now… But always.

Does this scare you, or excite you?

I’ll be honest, it has elements of both. “Change?” Scary. “Transform?” Exciting.

Change can carry a feeling of loss. Well, I guess things change. Transformation carries a sense of becoming. Like a butterfly.

Evolve? Well now, that feels like a nice, gentle, gradual change into an overall welcomed transformation.

  • upgrading how I listen
  • learning my worthiness
  • deepening my compassion
  • intensifying my gratitude
  • expanding my heart

And the good news is, if I’m so gradual in my transformation that today I ended up choosing to repeat rather than evolve? Well then, tomorrow I’ll get a repeat opportunity to choose a moment of evolution.

What’s an Old Story that you’ve been carrying? Does it still serve you? If so, tell it more deeply. If not, try telling a new story today.

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