Growling in my New Year

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The calendar turning over into a new year is a natural time for reflection. Here’s what I want to carry forward, with a roar:


I am sincerely grateful for the blessings of this past year. It may feel like I have to look pretty hard sometimes, but they are always there.

And, I am thankful for the blessings and goodness that are on their way.


May I be responsive rather than reactive to situations and circumstances.

I remember that it’s really about myself in relation to the external circumstances, and not the situations themselves. May I continually learn more about myself, and apply that as a force for good.


More attention on the people involved will automatically assist the process. Do I want the approach to be “right”, or do I want to be happy and feel good along the way? Because the job will get done, regardless.

May I be less about Correct and more about Connect. In each individual setting and interaction.

Gratitude. Responsiveness. Relationship. GRR… I like this. Yes, this works.

What and how will you bring in your New Year?

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2 Comments on “Growling in my New Year”

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  2. Good for you Gina

    I hope you had joyous Nollaig Shona Duit and your family

    And I wish a prosperous welcoming for you to the new year

    Think about this I will leave it with you….

    It takes one step to align with the top of mantle takes one stone cast out to cause the ripple effect it takes one step of faith to risk drive your Conviction to Greatness ” Primal R.e.p.r

    Everything can happen in one step ….

    Primal R.e.p.r


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