Celebrate the Dark

Halloween. Samhain. All Soul’s Day: Creepy characters, darkness and fire, celebration of the dead. The days are short, the nights are long — and getting longer. It’s easy to be afraid of the dark, but it’s actually more spiritual than spooky. Look again.

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The calendar tells me I’ve turned over, but my lingering holiday household cleanup and leftovers in the fridge tell me I’m still transitioning. All in good time, it seems I am allowing my days to unfold rather than conquering them into a sense of re-entry order. Although every day is a good day to begin […]

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New Year, Awesome You

    I’m a highly reflective person by nature. Although this serves me well overall, it can sometimes drive me bonkers. Also those near me. Perhaps you yourself have also received comments like these from people you love and who dearly love you: “Don’t think so much. Just roll with it.” “Don’t feel so much. […]

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