The calendar tells me I’ve turned over, but my lingering holiday household cleanup and leftovers in the fridge tell me I’m still transitioning. All in good time, it seems I am allowing my days to unfold rather than conquering them into a sense of re-entry order. Although every day is a good day to begin again, a new year is a pretty big catalyst for stopping and taking a close look at our lives.  


Honestly, this year I dragged my feet a bit at reflecting on the past year and focusing intent toward the upcoming one. Part of it is that it’s been an unusually difficult year for the health and well-being of an abominable number of friends and family.  I’m still working on finding my balance between wallowing in acknowledging the sadness and frustration while at the same time forcing embracing the positives and blessings found within. Cure and healing are two different things, and I’m still not sure which camp death is in. (Maybe both? And for whom?)

Another reason I’ve put off this reflection is that it felt cookie-cutter, that I would be cranking out another thing on my To-Do list. An important item, to be sure, but not incredibly inspired…

My final reason for not yet taking the time with this practice was that it felt directly oppositional to what I’m currently learning about. That is, the overall softening my Divine Masculine side of “You Gotta Make It Happen, Girlfriend!” and the gentle rise of my Divine Feminine side of “Simply Show Up and Let It Unfold, Love.” I’m still pondering the subtleties between Orchestrating/Directing and Allowing/Being Guided.

HOWEVER: I finally did my annual inventory reflection recently, and it was surprisingly profound. I realized how to both Do it and Be it, at the same time — and I encourage you to give this a shot yourself:


Find some time for yourself, about twenty minutes. Settle in with pen and paper, maybe a cozy blanket and gentle music, and a lovely glass of water, tea, or wine. Create the state of being present with Yourself.

  • Appreciate — Consider, and then write down one thing you are most proud of, in each of these life areas:
    • Professional
    • Personal
    • Physical
    • Spiritual
    • Financial
    • Home
  • Intend — Consider, and then write down one thing you intend, for each of these same life areas.
  • Choose a word that supports you, to carry with you throughout the year.


Sticking to just one selection at each point keeps us from overwhelm. That was a surprise, in letting go of full completion the distillation made me feel…complete. It also got my gratitude groove going, and I later explored each life area more deeply. It turns out I had a lot more to celebrate and be proud of than I realized. I guarantee that you do, too. And, I see more upcoming awesomeness than I had previously opened to. Maybe that helps you see yours as well.

After having gone deeper, I found that revisiting my one thing in each area tied it all together for me. I am now able to carry the depth of the whole through the point of the one. That is how I discovered my balance and honoring of both Divine Masculine Doing and Divine Feminine Being. Do Be, Do Be Doooo…

Give this practice a try yourself — just for the sake of You, not as a To-Do chore. Keep it simple, and discover how gently profound it can be.

Happy New Year!


2 Comments on “Reflectioning”

  1. Ooooooo….this is lovely guidance my friend ✨ Thank you for sharing your wisdom and grace as a gentle reminder that we all get to choose to step into flow with the balance of doing and being. Slow and presence, breathing and welcoming, a new beginning. 🌀❤️


    • My word for last year was Receive. My brainstormed list of possible words for this year all seemed to have a common thread: trust, divine feminine, allow, release, flow, nourish, simplify, go within, one-in-herself (myself), rise, open, embrace, self-care…

      I have more to learn in this area. ❤

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