Returning from the Holidays


Work with the beast rather than against it.  –Wendy Snobl

After-Christmas carnage. Post-holiday burnout. Re-entry back into normal life. There is no normal life, Wyatt. There’s just Life.


Take in each moment, right where you are. Swept away by the uncleaned floors? Drowning in the drooping decorations? Swamped under flooding laundry baskets? Work with what you have, right in this moment.

We assume we are behind, that we must return to regular, and we aim to recover control in order to get back to our peace and flow. But what if we looked at this another way?

What if our peace and flow is not regained by overcoming a situation, but by embracing it? By not fighting the current, but instead by lifting our oars out of the water?

Make no assumptions — that is what leaves room for miracles.

What if we let go of the assumption that we work our way back toward ease and joy, and we left room for the miracle of it already being present, now?

What feeling are you working toward? When you have it, how does it feel? Now you’re actually feeling it. And now you actually are it.

Breathe into the miracle that just occurred in the space you created for it.

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