How To Regain Your Balance and Stay Sane — During the Holidays and Beyond

I like to mindfully create my days overall, and I’ve got a good balance going of self, work, and family. But as Life is dynamic, new influences are always coming in for attention. I can tell that I’ve been creeping toward more and more over-busy, over-full, and over-tired. If I were to be honest with […]

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Returning from the Holidays

Work with the beast rather than against it.  –Wendy Snobl After-Christmas carnage. Post-holiday burnout. Re-entry back into normal life. There is no normal life, Wyatt. There’s just Life.   Take in each moment, right where you are. Swept away by the uncleaned floors? Drowning in the drooping decorations? Swamped under flooding laundry baskets? Work with […]

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To: Me. Love, Me.

This holiday season I’m doing pretty well with keeping my sanity. That said, I still do slide toward cray-cray. But this year I’m doing better at turning the sleigh around before actually arriving at Crazy Town. Wanna know my secret, Santa? Receiving. I have been consciously shifting into receptivity, replenishment, renewal. In the moment, not […]

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