Which state do you live in?

If we’re trying to solve problems, we will be given problems to solve.

We will live in problem state.

If we’re curious and hold a state of wonderment, we will be given possibilities to explore.

We will live in possibility state.

The thing is, our externals haven’t really changed — we have.

And now, so has our actual reality.

Still wondering about this? Here’s a thought experiment:

Think of a fairly common situation for yourself. Maybe it’s getting the laundry done that you’re feeling behind on. A good problem to solve, right? Well, now your task is a problem: When will you find the time? How many loads will it take? Which day will you sacrifice other things for, in order to accomplish it? Do you even have a clean shirt, now?

Then, try looking at it not as a problem, but as a possibility. For example, rather than seeing the problem of dirty laundry, see the possibility for clean clothes: Ooo, when might a good time be for this? I wonder which load I’ll wash first? Which day will be enhanced for me when accomplishing it? Hey, look at this cool shirt I found hiding in my closet!

Either way, the laundry will get done. How would you like to feel about it along the way?

(Pro tip: if going from problem to possibility is too challenging right out of the gate, try starting with seeing the problem as neutral. As simply just a thing.)

Just one thought, in either direction, gets us moving.

Where would you like to live, today?

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