To: Me. Love, Me.


This holiday season I’m doing pretty well with keeping my sanity.

That said, I still do slide toward cray-cray. But this year I’m doing better at turning the sleigh around before actually arriving at Crazy Town.


Wanna know my secret, Santa?


I have been consciously shifting into receptivity, replenishment, renewal. In the moment, not as an addition to my To-Do list. Sometimes it takes the form of a random time-out for pleasure reading. Sometimes it arrives as deciding to serve leftovers for supper — again. Sometimes it comes as postponing sending the Christmas cards.

Dare I say this is the latest I have ever gotten my Christmas cards out? And that I cut my list almost in half this year? And that I’m allowing for the possibility that I send none next year? (Gasp!)

Okay, my recent getaway to Florida with two great friends was admittedly the hard-hitting experiential message that showed me just how much I need to create this internal oasis, wherever I am. It took a major milestone to realize that I need a daily dose.


Bucket list. Yes. Yes, it was worth it!

Yet I’m discovering that I am able to show up much more fully — for everything — because I’ve filled my own self first.

I am learning that sometimes it really is about me.

I must care for myself first in order to then be able to care for others. I’m learning to prioritize me, and my great surprise gift is that it’s actually not at the expense of others — not at all.

This has been mind-blowing for me. And I want this gift for you, too.

I encourage you to let go, receive, and be filled. It’s proving to be both blissful and grounding to move through my days in this way. No matter where I am or what my situation is.

I have been gifted with a 7-minute Receiving meditation that I’ve found hugely helpful for shifting into receptivity in the here and now, and I’d like to share it with you.


Click this image for a Receiving Meditation from Rebecca Campbell.

Christmas is about receiving. May you receive hope, redemption, salvation, and love this season — across all traditions.

What are you ready to receive in your life, your soul?

Breathe. Receive. I’ve missed me. We miss you.  Welcome home.

1 Comments on “To: Me. Love, Me.”

  1. Loving this meditation! ❤️ It is simply amazing, the perfect way to connect, renew, and receive. Choosing to intentionally be filled and renewed gives us the strength, grace, and gentle peace needed to love ourselves and others well. Sat Nam

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