How To Regain Your Balance and Stay Sane — During the Holidays and Beyond


I like to mindfully create my days overall, and I’ve got a good balance going of self, work, and family. But as Life is dynamic, new influences are always coming in for attention. I can tell that I’ve been creeping toward more and more over-busy, over-full, and over-tired. If I were to be honest with myself, I’ve actually been in it for awhile and am only just now seeing that it’s not approaching, it’s arrived. 

Ooo, heads-up: the bustling and beautiful holidays are coming! (No, wait, they’re here!) How do I regain my sense of peace and flow, and not just for the short-term?

Oh! There it is:

Create spaciousness.

Spaciousness, as a quality: Of time. Of schedules. Of to-do lists. Of how I interact with others. Of how I care for myself. Spaciousness is a sense of expansion, of opening, of allowing. Of receiving.

I have forgotten that spaciousness is not something that I find myself standing in as a result of hacking my way through the jungles of the day.  I have forgotten that I first hold space, and then carry that with me as I navigate through my day.

But I remember now.

I remember that spaciousness is an internal approach, not an earned outcome. It’s an expansion into myself, rather than a contracted response to external bombardment. I begin with it consciously, instead of seeking to get to it.

I remember that to create space I simply pause, and allow it. And instantly I’ve shifted.

Physical actions to help create a sense of spaciousness can include opening your shoulders. Sitting up straight. Taking a deep breath. And another.

Spaciousness is self-care. It creates a sense of calm and flow, regardless of what else is going on around you. When I create spaciousness, I am filling up on being who I am. My cup can then overflow and bathe those around me with love.

Create space. Embrace space. Prioritize it. Ritualize it. Value it.

home sweet home

Ooooohhhh… now I get it: This is why I shut off my phone notifications. This is why I prefer no television in the background. This is why I get up earlier in the morning than necessary. This is why I’m naturally tidy. This is why our evenings are quiet together.

In what ways are you already creating spaciousness, that you may not have realized? In what ways can you consciously create spaciousness?

spaciousness rain



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