Practice Makes It Real


In the spirit of continuing to create spaciousness, I’ve got another practice I’ve been trying. Here’s an alternative to working through your tasks so that you have time for yourself afterward:

Bring a creative essence, regardless of what you are doing.

This means finding the flow in the laundry. The meal preparation. The (gasp!) bill-paying. The vacuuming. Trimming the dogs’ nails. Brushing teeth. In the everyday exercises, the mundane movement. Not just in the separate chunks of time dedicated to creativity and spaciousness.

When I look to get the ideal situation (create a block of Me Time) in order to get the ideal results (relax to find my Peace and Flow), I miss out on a whole lot more of exactly what it is that I seek.

When I can find — or create — my desired outcome feelings, in me, first, the darndest thing happens.

Everything then becomes an ideal situation. Because I already have my ideal results, of how I hope to feel. And it only gets bigger from there.

How do we do this? How do we find those desired-outcome feelings first, instead of after creating the situations for them to result from? It’s actually very simple.

Take a brief moment to think about how you hope to feel, once you get there. Now shift into feeling how that will actually be in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, once you have it.

Again, think about what you want to feel. Expand into what that will feel like, now.

Well, look at you. You already have it, right now. Way to go!

creative essence

(When you do arrive at what you previously thought would be your perfect situation, absolutely enjoy that too!)

Now, carry that feeling with you into your next everyday mundane moments. Go clean the bathroom or something. Maybe use your non-dominant hand, just for creative and expansive fun.

Secret Mysterious Bonus: Watch how that elusive chunk of dedicated time suddenly opens up for you as well!

Keeping company with Spirit is a creative path–and, being creative is a spiritual path.

What feeling are you hoping to get to later today? How can you bring that feeling into what you are doing, right now?


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