Holiday Peace

red and green northern lights over trees in snow

May we all find –even create– a little bit of peace each day.


Peace while jockeying for a parking space.

Peace as we hustle our bustle amid legions of others doing the same.

Peace with the children in their unbridled excitement.

Peace with unsolidified plans as specific dates draw near.

Peace during extra-busy time at work.

Peace for released, old holiday patterns — and for new ones, not yet found.

Peace for what it took to get it all together.

Peace for not having it all together.

Peace to breathe.


All of the Peaces fit together in our puzzle of Life. With even one absent, the whole picture is incomplete. And the big picture truly is beautiful, wondrous, and for our highest good. Always.


It’s the little Peaces that redeem the big picture of our lives.


Image of an empty, readied manger with the words King Size Bed across the top.

Peace be with you.

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