From Fine to Fabulous During this Season

Today is a timely re-post, in support of our self-care during the holidays. At this time last year, I was asked to teach a couple of regional workshops based on this post. Those who attended found it illuminating, deeply heart-opening, and I still hear from folks about that day, today. I am honored. Explore through […]

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Holiday Peace

May we all find –even create– a little bit of peace each day.   Peace while jockeying for a parking space. Peace as we hustle our bustle amid legions of others doing the same. Peace with the children in their unbridled excitement. Peace with unsolidified plans as specific dates draw near. Peace during extra-busy time […]

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Stop “Should-ing” On Yourself

I love this time of year. From Thanksgiving through the New Year, it’s a constant sense of anticipation, hopefulness, and connection. And it can also bring self-imposed expectation, striving, and sneaky idealistic perfection. Dangit. You might recognize some of the symptoms, yourself: As long as I’m hosting dinner, I should include everyone–making it 60 instead […]

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