Oh, THERE’S the joy this season!

So here we come to yet another pandemic holiday season this year that may, in fact, look very different than our usual gatherings. This is getting old, right?!? How can we possibly find the joy this year? Is there any? Or is perhaps a case of mild happiness the best we can hope for?

Outrageous joy is all around us, at all times. Here’s how to find it:

Create. Your. Joy.

Yep. It’s on each one of us. Even more so, when we need it more.

Appreciate the amazing lights in the neighborhood house’s yard:

I actually drove by this (although I did not take this picture)!

Try some new-to-you seasonal music:

Amazing acapella, and a gift of laughter.

Give a new recipe a shot:

It’s okay to create joy, even in the midst of disappointments. Finding joy does not negate our suffering. It’s the “sweet” in “bittersweet.” And it’s what keeps us from being, quite frankly, just bitter.

As for me, I will definitely miss having family gather for the meal that I do enjoy cooking. Yet this year, my husband and I decided to not schedule our holiday dinner. We’re going to simply put it in the oven when we feel like it, and we even have a couple of days to choose from. Since there is zero scheduling coordination and we aren’t messing up other people’s plans, we can do this! And this year, that feels like creating a bit of joy.

And, heck! We thought we’d try lobster tails!

Why not?

We will likely stay in our pajamas all day, too.

Why not?

This all sure feels better than bitter.

What brings you joy this season, this year? Better yet, what joy can you create for yourself?

“Gotta Be Patient”

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