Oh, THERE’S the joy this season!

So here we come to yet another pandemic holiday season this year that may, in fact, look very different than our usual gatherings. This is getting old, right?!? How can we possibly find the joy this year? Is there any? Or is perhaps a case of mild happiness the best we can hope for? Outrageous […]

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Full Double Sun Rings

A breathtaking sight on a cold, clear morning.  Witnessing this natural event was a first for me, and I was in awe. Music by Enya, “And Winter Came.”  

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23 Mobile Things

23 Mobile Things is a self-directed online learning module of mobile apps that I’m exploring.  At the same time, I’m using it to play with pages in WordPress instead of adding blog posts for each one of the 23 Things.  See?!?  I’m learning already! Please visit my so-named page to learn more about this program and […]

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