Yuletide blessings

A billboard that I see on my drive into town. Light and shadow playing on the landscape out my window. House wrapped just before subzero temperatures arrived. A winter driveway that takes my breath away every time I turn down it. Bunny tracks on the deck. Joyful yard decorations. The addition of This Daughter. Just […]

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Oh, THERE’S the joy this season!

So here we come to yet another pandemic holiday season this year that may, in fact, look very different than our usual gatherings. This is getting old, right?!? How can we possibly find the joy this year? Is there any? Or is perhaps a case of mild happiness the best we can hope for? Outrageous […]

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From Fine to Fabulous During this Season

Today is a timely re-post, in support of our self-care during the holidays. At this time last year, I was asked to teach a couple of regional workshops based on this post. Those who attended found it illuminating, deeply heart-opening, and I still hear from folks about that day, today. I am honored. Explore through […]

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