Honor and release; welcome and receive

As we come to the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another, it’s a good time for a fresh start. Maybe you just can’t wait to kick 2020 in the to the curb and are praying that 2021 is oh-so-over-it. Or perhaps you had at least some good things happen this past year and are hopeful for even more of that this new year.

Either way, we can tip the scales in our favor. How? By moving through this transition with intention. Try this: a personal ceremony of honoring and releasing the old year, and welcoming and receiving the new one.

BTW, other words for “ceremony” are mindfulness… meditation… journaling… prayer… Just saying.

What did you accomplish this past year?

Make a list of your accomplishments and successes. Maybe you kept your job or business, welcomed a grandchild, and/or are surviving distance learning. Maybe you gave someone hope. It is no small feat to still deeply appreciate those you self-isolate with.

What are you grateful for?

Seriously folks, this one never gets old. Try it. You’ll see. So many spiritual masters suggest this as a practice for a reason.

What have you lost? What have you gained?

Consider both sides of this coin for each thing. I’ve lost going to four family Christmas gatherings. I’ve gained the joy of slowing down and being in the present. I’ve lost the ability to teach an in-person seminar. I’ve gained the confidence to teach online, and the ability to include people who wouldn’t be able to physically attend.

Make a To-Do list, a Dream list.

What would you like to accomplish this year, what would you like to do and how would you like to feel? Include both your professional and personal lives, they really aren’t separate. After all, you are being yourself, whatever you are doing.

And now, the piece de resistance:

It’s important that you do each of the above processes first, before proceeding with this final one. You have now created a sense of honoring and releasing the old, and welcoming and receiving the new. This last practice will help you identify where you may be unconsciously holding yourself back, blocking yourself, or sabotaging yourself. (A piece of resistance, right?!?) Feel free to use optional Tarot/Angel/Oracle/Guidance cards if you like. (Try here for a free card pull from Hay House. Open it up in three tabs, one for each card — that way you can re-read each one at your leisure.) Or simply give each one some thought. Journaling is encouraged, it’s so interesting what else comes out on the page as you go.

ONE — First card, placed center if physically laying any cards out. (Otherwise, just either think or write these out.) This one signifies you, right now.

What am I holding onto?

An action, belief, process, habit, dream, other? May be conscious or not.

TWO — Second card, placed below and to the left of the first. Signifies your past up to this point.

Why am I holding onto it?

How has it served me? Why have I needed it?

THREE — Third card, placed below and to the right of the first. Signifies your future from this point.

Is it necessary?

Do I still need this? Can I thank it and release it? Or does it still serve my highest good to continue?

Sure, we can blindly go from one thing to the next and hope for the best. It may work for binge-watching episodes of our favorite shows (currently for me, it’s Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone). But how’s that going for us when it’s our health, relationships, jobs, and patterns of thinking? Take a little time, whether it’s the New Year or not, to be intentional.

Honor and release; welcome and receive.

The process is the outcome.

You got this.

Blessings on your journey. Me, too.

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