Celebrate the Dark

jack o lantern

Halloween. Samhain. All Soul’s Day: Creepy characters, darkness and fire, celebration of the dead.

The days are short, the nights are long — and getting longer. It’s easy to be afraid of the dark, but it’s actually more spiritual than spooky. Look again.

The dark isn’t negative, it’s merely hidden. Exploring the dark is embracing our whole selves.

Deep, dark waters of the womb: my first child was born on Halloween. What am I ready to birth now?

Fiery ritual of burning away: I warm to my bone marrow with the wood stove. Which old patterns am I ready to release?

fire heart gif


Loving thoughts of honored ancestors: I connect more deeply with Grandma in the years since her passing. How can I learn through her current knowledge and perspective?

Grandma Seal wedding

Today marks the ending of autumn and the beginning of winter. Be not afraid of the shadows. Are you willing to look at your hidden areas? What’s one thing you can do today to celebrate the dark?

single candle


dark chocolate


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