Creativity: A Love Story

Advance Of Inner Thoughts

The secret to life is creativity.

Wait. It’s not what you think it is.

You’re probably bringing to mind creative endeavors that feel out of reach — say, leading an orchestra, sculpting marble, or acting on Broadway. Or maybe you’re thinking of crafty hobbies such as beading, refinishing furniture, or bug collecting.

These and other such examples aren’t actually creativity. They’re expressions of creativity.

Creativity itself is when you open in awareness of new ways your body and mind can play. It’s the power to surprise yourself. Creativity is when you actually feel your spirit expanding, and time is often suspended. Oh, and creativity also feels a whole lot like love. Divine, universal, authentic, deep, abiding love. Because it is.

Tuned in, turned on, tapped in.

creativity love

Connecting with your creativity opens a greater flow of love and grace, both inside you and around you. It supports a sense of ease and joy about life.

The secret to life is creativity. The secret to creativity is to cultivate space for it.

Pick a creative expression that you are either passionate about, simply enjoy, or wish to try. Now begin each day with that.

Yes you read that right. Start with it. Even for just ten minutes. Set a timer, if that helps.

Before checking email. Before the kitchen is clean. Before the work is done so that you can then get to the play.

Play first.

Engage creativity first.

Create space for awareness and surprise, first.

I commit to enjoying my full capacity for love and creativity.

creativity explosion

With a commitment to this daily practice of prioritizing creativity in a specific way, you set the tone for the kind of day — and life — that you want to have.

Wonder. Joy. Love. Expansion. Surprise. Transformation. Holy wow.

For me, my current daily startup with 10 minutes of creative engagement is expressing itself as journaling. With a cup of coffee. And my favorite pen.

So…what’s your current creative expression? Photography? Music? Drawing and painting? Making jewelry? Learning about crystals? Wood carving? Making YouTube videos teaching car maintenance?) How could your life change by creating space for daily creative engagement?

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