Doing the Deep Work


I am ready to go deeper. In my marriage, through friendship, in relation to my 92-year-old father-in-law’s process…

In other words, with Life.  1a1b37835d189e9a2ab4b68ce1435305--fibonacci-in-nature-fractals-in-nature

And oh, boy, when you tell the Universe that you are ready, it responds. Does it ever.

(Actually, you’re telling yourself; the Universe has been lovingly awaiting you all along.)

I am learning So. Much. More. I am becoming a deeper and richer version of myself. I am experiencing newfound facets of my soul. I am even more Divinely connected.


I am less afraid to have the difficult conversations. To discover my truth and then stand in it. To participate in the dying — and therefore living — processes. The growth that is happening for all involved is tremendous.

It is not always pretty. But it is beautiful.


Are you willing to be willing? That’s all it takes to begin.





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