The Impact of Surrender


So, THIS guy flew into the window the other day.

For years we have had an ongoing Bird Rescue Unit Team. We hear the telltale THUNK, we check out the window to see if anyone’s on the ground who might need a little help, we go outside and scoop them up, we cradle them for awhile while they regain their bearings, we place them in a safe spot on the deck to recover. Then they fly away.

We’re excited when its feet try to grab onto our fingers, and we cheer when the bird poops, sometimes on our hand. These are good signs of recovery.

Most birds that we rescue make it. In fact, I’m the one stunned when they don’t.

I try so hard and I love so much and that just doesn’t fix everything.

Birds. People. Situations.

This pileated woodpecker in the photo above, died in my hands. I was shocked, because all signs pointed to recovery. Its mate flew all around calling for it, and I ugly-cried.

But what if I’m not supposed to fix everything? What if there really is nothing that actually needs fixing?

What if all that is needed is my participation? My presence? My Self? No matter the outcome.

It wasn’t supposed to go this way. And yet… In the end, no matter how much I try, I’m not in charge.

What if it’s really not about the outcome? What if the journey is what’s truly relevant?

Then this bird was already connected in peace and love.

All of us birds are.

The journey is the outcome.




Owl and I


We never know the impact (Is it too soon for bird + window humor?) we may have just by showing up and being there. On others. By others. No matter how it turns out in the end.

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