Scheduling surrender

Sometimes our plans for the day, our goals and our schedules, get a little sidetracked as the day unfolds. It happens. And by “sidetracked” that occasionally means “totally off of the rails.” You have likely heard that this is an opportunity to embrace the idea that when our schedule goes awry, perhaps this is where we actually are supposed to be.

I was reminded of this recently, in one of my daily reading pieces. And shortly after, I experienced it.

Here I was, moving through my day intentionally, with purpose and a plan. Focusing on attending to an important project today, with a non-negotiable quick side trip to ship a package.

I started out well — really great immersion in the project, with an exciting process of creativity and productivity! I know I will have to interrupt pause this to run into town, but that won’t take much time and I can zip back and continue.

Oh, my husband would like to drive me on these slippery roads in this below-freezing weather. God bless this man. Oh, with what else he has going on today it would be great if we were able to go now. Oh, okay.

I was feeling good about releasing my idea of when I was going to switch gears in my day. Yay, me.

Yay, me.

Oh, as we are on the road he would like to take a short side trip and pass by to show me some of the work he has been doing at a place down the road. Oh, okay. Hmmm. Yet didn’t I proclaim to myself that one of the things I want to cultivate this year is relationship, more attention and connection with the people in my life than on the process outcomes? Oh, okay.

I was feeling challenged about releasing another layer of my plan in this moment. Breathe into it, me.

Don’t become this.

Oh, look. A lady alone is stuck in the snowbank on a quiet, dead-end road. In this below-freezing weather. We of course stop and check on her. She is scared and frazzled and babbling into her phone to the tow truck company. My husband gently and comfortingly tells her to cancel the tow, that we can easily get her back on the road with no problem. God bless this man. Oh…

Because we took the route we did. Because we left when we did. Because my husband drove. Because I began to release control of my day. All because we were needed — here, now.

And that is when I truly surrendered. (Remember, surrender is a feeling and not a thought.) Ahhh. There is no me.

Mind. Blown.

But wait, there’s more.

We (and by that I mean my blessed husband) successfully pulled her out of the ditch and got her safely on her way, warmer, faster and for free. My package caught the day’s express shipping time deadline. Although returning to my project later and tending to it longer than anticipated, I did indeed complete it. And get this –more smoothly and successfully than I could have even dreamed of!

My mental flying monkeys were simply an illusion.

Highest good is at work. For everyone. Always.

To this, I surrender.

No need to argue with myself.
Highest good, for all.
I create my own.

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