Not Wrong is the new Right


I’ve learned a small change in wording that makes a huge difference in relationship. It applies in all areas of life, because it strengthens connection.

It’s super helpful to consider when someone is unleashing their belief, opinion, or frustration on you. It’s beneficial when someone shares their thoughts, feelings, and emotions with you. It’s also supportive when applied to yourself. It’s simple, yet profound:

Instead of replying, “You’re right,” respond with, “You’re not wrong.”

Being Right implies only one way is correct. Being Not-Wrong encourages many avenues.

Being Right is competitive. Being Not-Wrong is inclusive.

Being Right collapses. Being Not-Wrong expands.

It’s not about being right. It’s about being not wrong. Because being Right is about approval, whereas being Not-Wrong is about validation.

We all just want to be heard. To be seen.

And that’s not wrong.

What is the first relationship in your own life that came to mind as you read this? Is it your colleague? Your teenager? Your partner? Yourself? What is one person you could respond this way to, today? What is one mental conversation you could respond to yourself with this, today?






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