Merry Everything

Christmas. Winter Holidays. Longer daylight hours. Work successes. Personal achievements. Gathering. Friendship. Family. A love of a lifetime. Everything. Right where we are. Contentment. Deep, abiding Holy Ahhhhh….. Of course, and thank You.

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Becoming more response-able — we get to choose

Another unexpected benefit of personal mindfulness practice that I am experiencing is how I relate. To others, to the world — and even to myself. I am finding that I react less, and respond more. And I thought I was pretty good at not reacting in the first place — but holy wow for awareness, […]

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Not Wrong is the new Right

I’ve learned a small change in wording that makes a huge difference in relationship. It applies in all areas of life, because it strengthens connection. It’s super helpful to consider when someone is unleashing their belief, opinion, or frustration on you. It’s beneficial when someone shares their thoughts, feelings, and emotions with you. It’s also […]

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